Asset Inspection – App in a week

Recorded: 21 October 2021

See what we built at the Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival in just 3 days…

Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival is a unique event where Glastonbury meets Tomorrow’s World.

A week dedicated to sprinting and hacking our way to brilliant solutions to some of the water sector’s environmental and societal challenges. Together with partners, suppliers and just about anyone who wants to get involved. This year the event tackled net zero carbon, sustainability, world water poverty and breaking down the digital divide.

In our “Appy and you know it” one day sprint we focused on:

How can we improve and automate the asset inspection process and build a self-service application to improve data collection and recording?

We used the power of low-code to build the app in just 3 days.

Low-code enables you to create exactly what you need for a fraction of the time and cost it normally takes. Plus, you can make it 100% tailored to your own requirements, fast!


Take a look at the result…

We have made the asset inspection app available for free to all of our low-code customers on our Community AppShare


See what we built last year

In our session “Money’s too tight to mention” at the 2020 festival we looked at how to help customers who are falling into debt. We built a self-serve portal and process to help customers who are struggling to make payments to make them aware of the support available.

What we built…

The Asset Inspection App provides the inspection team with an easy way to manage and process field inspections, to speed up data collection and logging.

  • Process map defined
  • Inspection assignment to field agents
  • Offline data capture for locations with limited connectivity
  • Device camera support for uploading images during inspection
  • Responsive interfaces for use on tablets and mobile devices
  • Dashboard reporting for progress and process analysis


What a reveal it was! I was blown away by what the team were able to complete in 4 person days. I’m really looking forward to what can be taken forward and refined to provide a great solution.

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