ContactBabel: UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers’ Guide

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The customer effort, engagement and first-contact resolution chapter

For most businesses, there is no fixed agreement on what a successful contact centre looks like:
even in similar industries, around half of businesses state a contact centre is a strategic asset,
with the other half seeing it as an operational cost centre.

Having said that, most of the contact centre world has moved on from the ruthless focus on call
throughput and call duration that characterised many operations a decade ago. A major question
being asked today is, “How do contact centres attempt to measure the most important metric of all –
first-contact resolution”?

ContactBabel commissioned the research firm Aurora Market Research to carry out a survey of 1,000 UK consumers.

This is the 18th edition of the guide to contact centres. And this chapter “The customer effort, engagement and first-contact resolution” looks at any differences in opinion between organisations and customers about what were the most important customer experience factors when contacting an organisation.

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