Why does CX matter for water?

There has never been a greater need for water companies to learn the CX lessons from consumer brands and engage effectively and creatively with their customers

Customer experience in the water sector

Water companies have long been focused on delivery to customers. But less focused on engaging with those customers. With an efficient service and a captive audience, you’ve never really needed to be.

Water is our most vital commodity, population growth and environmental impacts are driving the need for suppliers to collaboratively engage with consumers on issues such as fair use, water quality, conservation and response to events such as leakage or collections.

But now Ofwat has extended the ‘reputational incentive mechanisms’ by which water companies are measured and funded.

Providing an excellent customer experience is deemed as fundamental for maintaining trust and confidence in the water sector. The measures C-MeX (Customer Measure of Experience) and D-MeX (Developer Measure of Experience) now apply to the 17 largest water companies in England and Wales until 2025.

This new situation calls for a new approach.

This guide explains how low-code can make the challenge of rapidly improving customer experience in the water sector a reality.

Introducing a much more organic approach, rooted in practical reality – so the people who understand what’s needed in a process can actually design it. Our low-code solution, Liberty Create, allows very rapid building and delivery of systems which improve CX in the water sector.

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