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A new way to transform your business

The root cause of bad customer experiences

Customer expectations are on the rise. It’s now at the top of every CEO’s agenda and it’s become the number one differentiator for brands.

Forrester says that good CX means that people are 5x more likely to recommend and more likely to purchase in the future.

It won’t be long until CX overtakes price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Digital technology has bought businesses and customers much closer together

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Everyone that comes to Dreams has touched some of our tech before they come into one of our shops, there’s no doubt about it. There can be challenges for customers through that journey, and I think that better, seamless infrastructure – less treacle for the customer – is a fundamental going forward

Those who have capitalised on this have become the most successful (and wealthy) organisations the world has ever seen.

A first-rate CX is now expected by customers. Brands like Uber, Amazon and Monzo set the gold standard.

But, when was the last time you enjoyed a satisfying, joined-up customer experience?

If everyone's so focused on customer experience, this shouldn't be happening.

The CX Disconnect

…Bridging the CX Disconnect

There can be a disconnect between the experience you provide and what customers expect.

This can be exacerbated by inflexible legacy systems, inability to embrace new technologies, the skills shortage and long IT queues. As a result, serious issues remain unresolved and customer experience suffers.

Improving customer experience seems simple: invest in the teams that face your customers – marketing, sales and service.

But your customer experience doesn’t just depend on the people dealing with customers every day. It depends heavily on processes and technology.

That means it depends heavily on the people behind the scenes – IT people.

This is the CX Disconnect…

…We exist to fix this problem

A huge gap between IT and business. In most businesses, IT and the rest of the business don’t share the same priorities. So when a tech-related CX issue arises, IT will ignore it or delay the ticket.

Not because they don’t want to solve the problem, but because they can’t.

They’re buried under heavy workloads and don’t have the time or resources to get involved.

As a result, serious issues remain unresolved and customer experience suffers.

It’s time for us to introduce the Liberty Platform.

It’s an all-in-one customer experience platform with four solutions.

Liberty Create low-code
Liberty Create:
Dream it, Build it. Build almost any app you can dream up. It’s tailor-made for citizen developers but includes all the functionality that seasoned pros rely on. 
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Liberty RPA
Liberty RPA:
Robotic process automation
Free-up people.
Use software robots to increase accuracy, quality and scalability while reducing human error.

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Liberty Converse Contact Centre
Liberty Converse:
Contact centre solutions
Unite and engage. Track and improve agent performance and connect all your communications channels in one feed. This is the tech that made us famous.
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Liberty Connect Omnichannel Messaging
Liberty Connect:
Omnichannel messaging
Go digital. Exchange messages with your customers over almost any digital channel, and add chatbots to your comms stack.

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Liberty Create

Our low-code platform

Our low-code development platform that enables you to quickly and easily produce applications that automate and transform the business and your customer experience.

It is amazing, it’s so agile. Within weeks you have something tangible that you can test, use and iterate in real-time.

– Enterprise architect

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Accelerate app development with our low-code solution.

Blistering speed

  • Build full stack apps 10 times faster
  • Simple drag and drop UI
  • Powerful business process automation engine

Anyone can use it

  • Designed for business users
  • Easy to use
  • Turn anyone into a developer with 3 days training

Go with the flow

  • Adapting apps is just as easy as building
  • Re-jig components, add functionality
  • Create dashboards, run reports

Devs, we’ve got you covered

  • Tools for career developers too
  • Web-based IDE, Syntax highlighting, function autocomplete, debugging and logging

Unleash CX Innovation

IT has always had a crucial but undervalued role in building great customer experiences. Responsible for the tech behind key touchpoints, they are expected to build and improve the infrastructure that supports critical CX-related processes.

This is a huge ask.

After all, customer-related tasks are just a small fragment of the workload. It’s difficult to keep up with customer expectations that are always changing. You can’t just rip and replace key infrastructure on an ad-hoc basis. CX may be important but it’s not worth disrupting and crippling your entire business.

But you do have to do something. Especially as CX starts to creep up the boardroom agenda.

This is where low-code comes in.

Low-code is a new form of process automation software that lets you share the development burden.

Now, citizen developers can take on a lot of the application build work required to revolutionise processes.

So, if someone on the Services Team notices that the customer on-boarding process is flawed, they can spin up a solution themselves.

And IT doesn’t lose control or visibility. Every app is built in a strictly–controlled environment and vetted before launch.

IT gain a lot more time to focus on the rest of the to-do list.

Your business can create a lot more apps, and improve a lot more processes. Faster.

This is an all-new way to improve the customer experience that severs the constraints that restricted your productivity.

Finally. You have the freedom to ramp-up innovation without worrying about the consequences.

Low-code has given us the tools we needed to build a team who can tackle our challenges. We’ve seen significant time and cost savings from adopting this approach.
Liberty RPA

Robotic Process Automation

Our AI-powered robotic process automation that frees-up people from mundane and cumbersome repetitive tasks and enables them to be more productive.

RPA is now one of those conversations that appears in team meetings. They’re now thinking about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, and is there a better way? The conversation is being had now. And that’s one of the biggest benefits – we’re starting to think slightly differently about how to do things.

– ATS Euromaster

ATS Euromaster story


  • Robust and reliable
  • Direct to your desktop for faster processing
  • Reduces support and management costs

Maximum flexibility

  • Supports attended and unattended bots
  • Bots interact with people to share workloads
  • Frees humans to serve customers better

For business and IT

  • Easy for anyone to use
  • Business users build process flows
  • IT code and use APIs and other powerful tools

Integration with low-code

  • Delivers powerful intelligent automation
  • Pass data back and forth from apps to bots
  • Automate at scale, at lower costs

Bring in the software bots

With a growing number of complex processes and disparate systems, many
organisations are turning to automation to take the heavy load and relieve pressure and workload on staff.

Fast, cost-effective and low risk.

RPA allows you to free your people from the mundane tasks and enable them to be more productive. Just think of the efficiency savings!

Using software robots results in quicker, error-free processing and they work when you want them to. By liberating your staff from mundane and repetitive tasks, you’ll see your staff morale rocket.

Run tasks without any human interaction, or you can let humans handle the exceptions for tasks that aren’t always suited to automation.

And by removing the pain points, streamlining interactions and increasing your response times, your customers will thank you for a great customer experience, each and every time.

The speed and accuracy of the robot doctor’s work rate cannot be replicated by a human. Thanks to this automation technology, members of staff have been able to work on other tasks which benefit their experience and bring greater benefits to patients.
Liberty Converse

Our omnichannel contact centre

An omnichannel contact centre and customer engagement management solution that allows you to deliver outstanding customer experience across every customer engagement. Unleash your CX potential.

The CX focus is why we ended up choosing Netcall. And the technology has been proven. At Dreams, the name Netcall has become synonymous for successful projects. With Liberty Converse, we got everything that we were promised and it has worked so well for us.

– Dreams

Dreams story

Improve service and agent performance.

See everything from one screen

  • Incoming calls
  • Team performance
  • Every call recording

Unify channels

  • Bring all channels together in one feed
  • WhatsApp, voice, email, SMS, chatbots
  • Agents can deliver truly joined-up CX

Ready made responses

  • Brand control in tricky situations
  • Pre-written snippets for agents
  • Rapid response to customer queries

Call in help

  • Agent option to call for backup
  • Supervisors can listen in or join a call
  • Agents can get advice without breaking stride

Report on what matters

  • Supervisors can build their own dashboards
  • Analysis on anything
  • See it all as a graph, by agent or at a glance

Keep an eye on quality

  • Set up SLAs and match to specific tasks
  • Send tricky calls to more skilled agents
  • Create surveys and scorecards

Command the Conversation

Customer expectations move fast. Many channels and devices are in play. Delivering effortless, consistent and personal service that stands out from the crowd is hard. Really hard.

Right now, businesses can choose between multichannel and omnichannel. Soon there may be no choice.

An omnichannel contact centre incorporates all communication channels that a customer can use to engage a business. It ties these channels together into one queue. Multichannel will include some channels, but won’t integrate them into one queue and may not incorporate all of them.

Why integration matters.

Give your agents a single view of customer interactions. They can see who the customer spoke to previously, the channels they used, when and what was said.

This invaluable context empowers agents to deliver better experiences. They’ll handle many interactions across all channels.

Management teams benefit from real-time performance information at their fingertips.

The customer doesn’t have to repeat themselves or get passed between agents. Instead, they have a useful conversation with someone who can answer their questions in the moment.

Imagine if every customer interaction
follows this pattern.

The benefits are huge. Performance increases, agent productivity rises, retention rates spike and sales soar.

The future is omnichannel. Liberty Converse is designed to help you add value to every customer journey. Regardless of how and when customers choose to connect with you. It’s a true omnichannel contact centre solution.

The system is flexible and easy to use, manage and maintain. Converse also provides detailed reports and immediate visual information which helps us to proactively manage overall call handling.
Liberty Connect

Our AI-assisted conversational messaging solution

Our AI-assisted asynchronous conversational messaging solution. Create an outstanding customer experience (CX) across every channel of choice. Liberate your digital conversations.

Liberty Connect has transformed how we handle social media messaging. It’s easy to use and our customers love the service they get. The agents love it.

– Together Housing Group

Integrate with any messaging platform using a single API.

Focus on your customers

  • Navigate channel complexity
  • Remove friction
  • Build a data driven approach

Create on-demand self-service

  • Connect back office systems
  • Use AI-based chatbots
  • Help customers get answers quickly

Choice is key

  • Enable multiple digital engagement channels
  • Avoid frustrating broken customer journeys
  • One consolidated view

Build your ecosystem

  • Turn CX ambitions into reality
  • Optimise integrations into existing systems
  • Share data across systems

Connect and Conquer

The definition of great customer experience hasn’t changed in 100 years.

Maybe more. It just means meeting customer expectations.

When your grandma walked into her favourite greengrocer she expected helpful service, empathy and a smooth customer journey. We’re still looking for exactly the same things – whether in a grocery shop, visiting a bank’s website or ordering food from an app.

What’s changed is the nature and volume of customer touchpoints. There used to be a handful of channels, now there are hundreds.

Your grandma’s greengrocer wasn’t dealing with thousands of customers and hundreds of enquiries all at once. He didn’t have to stay on top of rapidly evolving digital platforms that create new challenges on a regular basis. He never had to consider multi-channel
marketing, or how delivering seamless, streamlined customer experience can
make or break your business.

But you do have to deal with these things.

And the trend for channel convergence isn’t slowing down.

New channels emerge all the time and delivering a consistent, seamless, unified messaging service only gets
more difficult.

You need the ability to move fast and adapt to change on the fly.

That’s why we’ve expanded our product portfolio – to help customer-focused businesses become more flexible.

Liberty Connect lets you bring almost any digital channel into the mix.

Social media, chat and IM messages can be managed alongside traditional interactions in just one system – every channel in one conversation on one user interface. Your team can meet customers on their own terms and spark conversations based on rich, up-to-date interaction data.

During the lockdowns, some of our centres were closed for face-to-face interactions but there were more calls and we saw a 300% increase in demand for web and chat activity.

You have the right people…

…Give them the right tech

With the specialist skills and knowledge that your teams possess, imagine the possibilities if you give them the tech and the power to re-imagine the systems that are holding them back.

That’s our mission. To make peoples’ lives easier – whether that’s agents in the contact centre, stressed-out IT managers, customers or NHS patients.
Our technology allows our customers to make a serious impact on their own markets.

Our proudest moments are transforming the performance of NHS trusts and councils and solving those annoying issues that make people lose faith in banks and businesses.

We focus on the people behind the scenes, the customer-facing and IT talent who build and deliver customer experiences. Our tools help them solve operational issues together, one bad process at a time.

Imagine the possibilities

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