Feature Sheet – QueueBuster

While digital channels are growing in
volume in the contact centre, it’s still all
about the voice! Calls account for over
67% of contact centre interactions.

When a customer calls you, it’s often
because they need help with a complex,
emotional or immediate issue. They’ll
reach for the phone to speak with
someone to help them there and then.

No more waiting on hold. Offer customers a call back to improve customer satisfaction and contact centre performance

Our automated call back solutions improve customer satisfaction and contact centre performance. Available for phone and web, QueueBuster waits on hold, so your customers don’t have to.

Fast, easy set-up
There is good news for your IT teams too. No complex integration or hassle with your legacy hardware. And you can be up and running in 24 hours.

You can read or download the full QueueBuster feature sheet here or watch this video to see it in action.

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92% of our customers felt that by offering QueueBuster we cared more for them than companies who don’t offer it.

Premier Energy

  • Reduce call abandonment by 20% or more
  • Smooth out peak call spikes
  • Reduce average call handling time
  • Connect your website
  • Convert web enquiries into sales