The Community for Converse Contact Centre users

This webinar looks at Liberty Converse and how it has been expanded for our Liberty Converse users.

We are delighted to share a new webinar where our host, Laura Ritchie from our Marketing Team, speaks with Jonathan Gunner about the expansion of the Netcall Community for Liberty Converse users.

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A transcript of the webinar is below:

Laura: Hello and welcome to this webinar, “The Community for Liberty Converse customers.” I’m Laura Ritchie, Marketing Communications Manager at Netcall and, today, I am joined by Jonathan Gunner, Netcall’s longest serving employee at 27 years service! Jonathan is the Product owner for Liberty Converse. He plays a pivotal role in the development of our Netcall Community for Liberty Converse users… and this is what we are turning the spotlight onto today. Thanks for making the time today Jonathan.

Jonathan: No problem Laura and hello everyone listening.

Laura: Historically our Community has only been available to our Liberty Create customers, but we are delighted that we are able to now expand this to our contact centre users on Liberty Converse as well. And we’ve already had our first few sign up. Today we will be taking a look around the Community and how it will benefit you. So Jonathan what are the key benefits for our Converse customers? 

Jonathan: As you mentioned, the Community has been live for some time now for our Create customers and it’s great to see the expansion into the contact centre side of the business. The Community will give you:

  • Access to Converse specific AppShare content such as prompts, IVRs, dashboards and Agent Evaluation scorecards, and we have plans to add a lot more! You can also contribute by uploading and sharing your own content.
  • You can use the Forum to ask how to question or understand how others are using Converse, get sneak previews of future releases. Provide product feedback and ideas, all of which feeds directly into our Dev team.
  • Get access to our support team for fault logging.
  • And finally get access to a host of documentation and eLearning material via our Resource and training sections

Laura: So, Let’s take a quick look around. Everyone can access the Community without registering and look around, but if you do register, and we recommend you do, then you get access to a bunch more stuff. Can you walk us through it Jonathan?

Jonathan: Sure. The Community includes the ability to download the resources and AppShare content, as well contributing. Be that asking questions or responding to other users posts. You will be able to find the Community via our Main Netcall Website, or by just googling Netcall Community. To make it easy from the main screen we have split it into section, including:

  • The Forum – This is where to go for questions, advice or just hints and tips
  • AppShare – Where you can download and share free content.
  • Resources – Anything from product documentation, release notes, and useful how-to videos.
  • Training – This gives you access to all our eLearning courses, and you can even book classroom courses from here too.
  • Support – This is where you can raise support cases.
  • And finally Events – This is where we will keep you up to date with Community events

Laura: OK that’s great. So why is this such big news for our customers?

Jonathan: In the past, it’s fair to say, customers had to reach out to Netcall or their Account Manager for any interaction about the product. Typically, this would only happen when there was a problem or they were stuck on something. Every communication was in effect reactive. There was no easy and comfortable way to connect with Netcall and other Liberty Converse users. You would have to wait for a user day or ask your Account manager for help. That’s all changed. Our Community is open for everyone, using all solutions, to share their ideas and be part of the conversation.

Laura: So, now it’s much easier to find the information you are looking for. Can you give me an example of the types of content our customers will be looking for?

Jonathan: The product release notes are a good example. Previously, customers needed to visit a special section on our website to get release update information. And, then go through the latest release note to find out how the update would help them. Community members now receive notifications about new releases. And our release notes are written to include the detail on how the updates will help. Customers will see regular updates to the value of their tech investment. We know that in the past upgrades were a little bit like a “black box”, you called into support with the problem. Often the answer was that “there’s a fix in a new version” so you need to upgrade. Going forward a customer will get a notification the content of the next version, and even preview the feature in the online help. Once you’ve established how it would help and the difference it will make you can request an upgrade.

Laura: Going forward there will be even more information available. How often are the product releases?

Jonathan: Yeah Netcall invests heavily in R&D, and our UK-based developers release 2 to 3 major updates every year. They work hard to keep Liberty Converse up-to-date with tech trends, and to incorporate customer requests. They may have already built something that you need, before you know you need it. Customers can then immediately plan to use it within their own Liberty Converse solution.

Laura: Ok great. So we’ve talked a bit around the content that you can find on the Community, what other areas do you think our customers will find useful?

Jonathan: Customers have shared with me that they want to be more engaged with the upcoming direction of the road map. They felt frustrated that they weren’t able to be more engaged with other users. That’s all changed. As a forum contributor, customers can offer their opinions and give answers to Product Development questions. The Product team plan to run regular surveys to help them better understand the relative importance and context of new features for our customers. As a forum user, customers can follow a conversation thread and join in when its useful and interesting for them. You can also search the discussion threads when you need inspiration or support. For example, when you see another user facing similar challenges, then together with the Netcall Community Team you can collaborate on a solution.

Laura: Yes, the Forum has been a great source of advice, best practice or just somewhere to share solutions to problems. What about the AppShare, previously this has been limited to our low-code applications. How has this been expanded?

Jonathan: Our new AppShare opens up a world of free-to-use downloads. Customers can search the library and download content to use in their solutions. The growing library includes dashboards, agent scorecards or IVR dialogues.

Laura: So customers can now self-serve, which is great as that is what they have been asking us for. What about online help, is there anything specifically for Converse users?

Jonathan: Yes there is. We’ve just launched a quick reference guide, a step-by-step walk through of Converse online help. It is written to help the user of each part of the product functionality. Agents using it are able to know how their screens and function keys work. Supervisors and Admins are provided additional information about functionality. The key thing for us is providing a single area were a customer can find anything they want on Converse in one place, and, hey, if you think something is missing tell us, we have a dedicated Community team and we will fix it.

Laura: Well, it’s clear that the Community is packed full of some great content. It’s free to join – so why not sign up today and take a look? Jonathan, thanks for your time today, it’s been great to hear what benefit this will bring to our Converse customers. Our next webinar will put our training into the spotlight and I’ll be joined by Jonathan Redsell to hear what type of training we offer to our customers and what they get out of it. You’ll find loads more information on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages and of course We also have a Podcast series which you might want to listen to, called Life in Low-code which has all sorts of interesting interviews. But that’s all for today, so goodbye from me and Jonathan…!

Jonathan: Goodbye!

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