Customer Story

Payment support for Northumbrian Water

Making customer payments easy with a payment support application.

The idea for the payment support application came from the Netcall Daily Dash that was part of the 2020 Innovation Festival

The problem

Customers accessing Northumbrian Waters web and app services wishing to change their payment arrangements were not getting a great customer experience.

Customers were able to make a payment offer to Northumbrian Water, but there was no instant decision that would allow them to manage their payments with them.

The solution

During the Innovation Festival 2020, Netcall completed a daily dash with attendees from water companies around the country looking at how low-code could help support customers struggling financially by providing a payment support app.

Northumbria wanted to explore if low-code could help them deliver quicker solutions and how much volume could they redirect from our call centre. And could they improve their rant and rave scores in the process.

What happened next?

In July 2021, Northumbrian Water launched the new online payments support feature. Customers with a monthly plan, including direct debit, now see a banner on their online account, which opens a request form to allow them to change the amount they pay each month.

Customers can choose an amount based on what they’re already paying per month. Northumbrian Water also has links to financial support options, where applicable.

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