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Reducing call abandonment improves customer experience

Project highlights 

  • Reduced number of abandoned calls
  • Average of 500 call backs a month
  • 98.5% proof of concept call back success rate
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Increased staff motivation

Call queue management to win new business 

Customers considering private healthcare have a choice of providers and often research the market for best value and service. Queuing, on hold, is not going to win over prospective customers. 

Spire Leicester Hospital was aware that when call volumes were at their highest, customers might have to queue for a considerable length of time. Prospective patients hang up and contact another provider. So, the hospital was losing business and its reputation was taking a hit. 

The hospital needed a cost-effective call queue management solution to capture the calls they were currently missing. Of course, this would enable them to convert more enquiries to consultations, but they could also improve customer experience for all callers.

Liberty QueueBuster®

Spire use Liberty QueueBuster as a hosted call-back system that works alongside their existing Contact Centre solution. It offers callers the option to receive a call back as an alternative to spending hours on hold over the phone. By capturing more inbound calls, organisations like Spire Leicester Hospital, can generate more sales revenue and make substantial productivity savings by reducing staff costs.

Available in any language, QueueBuster allows a business to either record their own prompts or have them professionally produced by Netcall.

Reducing call abandonment is a simple formula: handle more calls, generate more revenue, improve customer satisfaction. 

The value of a simple call back

Following an initial four-week outpatient proof of concept trial of hosted QueueBuster, the hospital could see the value, and extended the project for a further two weeks to include inpatients.

The trial was a resounding success. 98.5% of QueueBuster call backs were completed. Julie Walton, the hospital’s Administration Manager who was running the project, received positive feedback from customers and staff, plus it the hospital management were very pleased with the results. 

After a full review, QueueBuster continued as a permanent feature. As a hosted solution, the proof of concept system could be left to continue running. 

“QueueBuster fits perfectly with Spire Leicester Hospital’s philosophy. Giving callers the chance to be called back is now part of the high level of service Spire Leicester Hospital’s customers expect.” 

— Julie Walton Administration Manager

More calls handled – improved customer experience

Since introducing QueueBuster, Spire Leicester Hospital has seen clear results in reducing call abandonment. Plus, the overall volume of calls has dropped because callers do not have to call back. Obviously, this has positively impacted on the caller experience. 

QueueBuster is averaging 500 call backs a month. This means that staff are under less pressure to deal with calls quickly and move to the next enquiry as they know callers will be offered a call back. They have made it clear that they wouldn’t go back to the old system.  

And, probably most importantly, customer feedback has been very favourable. They are pleasantly surprised and impressed when Spire Leicester Hospital calls them back to help with their enquiry.

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