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This webinar looks at our Liberty Converse and the training that is available at no charge via our Community.

We are delighted to share a new webinar where our host, Laura Ritchie from our Marketing Team,speaks with Jonathan Redsell from our Training Team about the expansion training that is available via the Netcall Community for users of our Liberty Converse contact centre solution.

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A transcript of the webinar is below:

Laura: Hi I’m Laura Ritchie, from the Marketing Team at Netcall. I’m delighted that you are joining me for this Liberty Converse webinar and it’s a pleasure to introduce Jonathan Redsell. Jonathan’s a key member of our Training Team, helping our customers to get to know their Converse systems. Thanks for speaking with us Jonathan.

Jonathan: Happy to help Laura. Hello to the audience.

Laura: A lot has changed here at Netcall since our omnichannel contact centre solution was rebranded and is now known as Liberty Converse.

  • Today, we’ll explain some of the things that have changed.
  • Then, Jonathan is going to talk through what types of training are available to you as Converse customers
  • And show you how you what’s in the Community for you and how you access it or request additional training

So, Jonathan, can you start off by giving us a brief outline of what has changed in Converse and some of the features that customers should be aware of?

Jonathan: Well, firstly, there is the new updated user interface, you might think this is a strange feature to start with, but when you work with an application all day it does help that it’s easy on the eyes.

Then we have one of our biggest new features which is the new reporting engine within the contact centre solution. I know that the dev guys have been wanting to do this for a while and I know our customers certainly have been keen for this. Finally, with Converse, you can now fully customise contact centre reports, share them with other users and set up a schedule to have them emailed to you whenever you need.

Dialogue builder has also been opened up to allow our customer’s access to more block types and we look forward to seeing what our customers come up with using these. This is really just scratching the surface of Converse – to list all the features, we could be here a while.

Laura: And recently, Converse joined our Community. Our Converse customers can now find all sorts of information there, right?

Jonathan: Well for one thing you can find out about all of the new features in Converse. There is a great forum where we have customers actively posting and giving feedback on new features we are looking at developing. They are also suggesting enhancements to the product or sharing ideas of how they use the system.

From a training perspective, we are publishing new courses all the time on how customers can get more out of their contact centre solution.

Laura: And what sort of training can customers access via the Community?

Jonathan: Well, we’ve recently added lots of e-learning courses. Liberty Create has had lots loaded, but now we are developing these for Converse too. Agents and supervisors can be fully on boarded with our new eLearning courses on how to use the product to manage their contact centres. These courses are freely available to our Community members which means that as you have new staff members join they can get up to speed quickly in using and managing Converse.

Laura: OK, give us some examples then – what’s been added in recently?

Jonathan: All sorts of things which help people to get the best of their system. A really good example actually, is a little e-learning clip we did about how you can use Excel pivot tables to find login times for agents. So, this is an Excel tutorial, but it’s basically something customers have asked for and we knew there was a simple way for them to do this. We wanted to show customers how they can take the data out of Converse and use Excel to do the heavy lifting in analysis, so we explained how to do it in this course.

Laura: I like that – it’s a little bit out of the box, but a good little trick to enable people to get more out of what they already have. Do you think that there is functionality within Converse that customers have, but don’t know about? Other tricks in their arsenal that they could be making use of if they knew how?

Jonathan: 100%. That’s exactly why we are busy creating little bite-size courses to help them improve their existing systems, to get more out of it. Little tricks that they are unaware of and already have.

OK, here’s another good example: ‘How you can utilise tagging information in a dialogue’ – it’s for agents to use. For example, you want to tag a reference number such as an IT service desk ticket number or a patients NHS number. Adding this information to the call means this data becomes searchable in the reports which can enable our customers to create data around things such as repeat calls for certain tickets or patients to better build a picture around their customers.

Laura: And what costs are involved for customers to get these additional elements of learning?

Jonathan: It’s all free!! All you need is to be registered on the Community – but there is no charge for that either – simply register with your email address. That’s why we are so keen to explain to people all this resource is waiting for them here on the Community.

Laura: It is always good news when something is free of charge! What about if someone is looking for training on something that isn’t already on the training section of the Community – can they get in touch to request training?

Jonathan: Yes – please do contact us and tell us what you want training on. We can look at creating new e-learning course on it – we’re happy to do so. Contact us by emailing us at or going to the Community and registering your interest in the many courses we have on offer either onsite or via eLearning. Throughout 2020 we are dedicated to creating more eLearning to help our customer’s easily onboard new users, administrators and get help them get the most out of their systems.

Laura: On the screen we’ve listed out the learning paths that we have available for Liberty Converse.

Jonathan: Yes these are like a collection of courses on specific topics. Take the supervisor settings learning path, which is a collection of 5 minute courses that you can stop and return to when you have time.

Laura: And they are accessed via the myNetcall training portal aren’t they – the address is on screen for this.

Jonathan: Yes and we’ve also detailed what to do once you are logged in, so you can refer back to this if you need to when you are accessing the training portal.

Laura: Are there options for face to face training as well as the suite of e-learning tools?

Jonathan: Always. We deliver training to customers through onsite deliver and using our Remote training tools, it’s the core part of our job. If there’s a contact centre solution topic that comes up from a customer suggestion and we think there would be enough interest or complexity to run a short training course, we’d be happy to put it out there on the forum of the Community. If enough people show interest we could definitely plan a course, potentially at one of our offices, onsite or via our remote training tools, with a customer and bring others together for a course.

Laura: Are there any other topics coming up that you’re going to do some training courses on? Anything different on the horizon?

Jonathan: Well we have plans to bring in some of the admin topics, for example, how to create contact centre groups, work with CallBack and setup email. We think that some of the training that we currently do on site, could be backed up with e-learning course and we want to make this available online, so people can revisit topics for a refresher.

But there’s a lot of content to work through so that’s quite a long term ambition. In the meantime, there’s lots more how to’s, e-learning videos and snippets coming through. And again – keep sending us suggestions of topics and we can add them to our list.

Laura: Thanks Jonathan there are so many little nuggets of useful info stored there within those videos – I am sure everyone listening will benefit from some time saving shortcuts and tricks.

There is a huge amount of information on our Community and you may want to reference our last webinar, with Jonathan Gunner, which is all about the Community and AppShare from a Converse point of view. You can find this in the resources section of Also, I’d invite you to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter as well as we share all sorts of updates and news there. But that’s all for today, so goodbye from me and Jonathan…!

Jonathan: Goodbye…!

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