Unlock intelligent automation for rail & transportation

Move faster, take control and stay compliant

Take charge of your digital journey

Are your transportation automation digital transformation efforts grinding to a halt? If so, you’re not alone.

Rail and Transport sector goals should be simple: get the right things in the right place, at the right time. Safely and predictably, every time.
But meeting the ever-changing needs of passengers, customers and staff is tricky.

With Netcall Liberty Platform, you can use intelligent automation for rail and transportation to join customer-facing and back-office systems for total control and visibility.

Wave goodbye to siloed systems. Say Hello to seamless, integrated processes.

Rail and transportation automation helping to improve safety and drive compliance

Major incidents can cause major disruption

The rail and transportation automation digital challenge

Running, maintaining and developing your rail and transport infrastructure is complex.

Big systems manage a vast number of activities and
interdependencies. And critical data can get lost in spreadsheets and emailed documents.

With intelligent automation for rail and transportation, you make data work better for you.

  • Connect to data within legacy systems
  • Transform and automate critical processes
Intelligent automation combines low-code and RPA
— helping you reinvent processes —
it does the hard work so you don’t have to.

Liberty Create for Rail and Transportation

Our low-code solution empowers people and improves processes, fast.

Low-code and robotic process automation (RPA) tools enable you
to automate processes, integrate systems and transform customer
experience, fast.

There’s minimal disruption, so there’s no need to max out the budget.

Do more with less and create better, faster solutions that improve CX and reduce cost.

See Liberty Create in action.

A group of people working in rail and transportation automation reinventing and improving processes
Network rail is going through a modernisation programme where we’re looking to revamp and reconstruct many of the processes we do to make them much, much more efficient. And automation is a key part of that.

Liberty RPA for Rail and Transportation

Our AI-powered robotic process automation solution helps you reinvent processes — where robots execute each step at lightning speed.

Liberty RPA is fast, cost-effective and low risk. And it’s great for integrating with legacy systems to access data, like SAP.

Integrate systems and transform customer experience, fast.

See Liberty RPA in action.

Person's hand using Liberty RPA for rail and transportation automation to reinvent processes and join up systems

Intelligent automation for YOU

Here are some of the ways you can use intelligent automation for rail and transportation to power up your digital transformation:

Accelerate app development

Low-code brings citizen developers and IT experts together to speed up app development. That means business users build 80% of the app. Then they hand if over to IT to meet your high-quality standards. What used to take months, now takes days.

Control workflows and alerts

Capture incidents and exceptions in real-time. Pre-defined resolution paths ensure tasks/cases are assigned to the right person. Use this data to drive other activities — or to trigger alerts or change task priority from other systems.

Switch to efficient processes

Swap manual paper-based processes for online. And create new, more efficient ways for passengers and staff to access the information they need. The upshot? Reduced risk, higher productivity and less disruption.

Whatever the challenge, we give you the tools you need to make big changes in short timeframes.

Shatter data silos

Bridge systems gaps for a single version of the truth. Simple integration removes the need to re-key information — giving you a unified view of all activity.

Manage compliance

Build robust compliance processes quickly. Capture incidents, manage workflows and ensure data privacy and security. Take the pain out of regular checks and maintain full audit trails.

Streamline your customer experience

Answer queries on first contact, from any channel. Let agents see the information they need in one place — with detailed conversation threads for context. Customise call routing to match enquiries to the right person from the start.

Unify the best minds

Set up a team of people from IT and customer-facing business areas.

Then give them the tools and backing they need to solve your customer experience problems together — in weeks, not years.

With Liberty Create’s low-code software platform, non-developers can build, test and launch applications without writing code.

Increase capability and capacity, using the resources you have. Empower your teams to deliver results.

Find out what makes great CX

It’s about getting ‘business users’, who really understand processes, to redesign them so they’re better to use.
People working in rail and transportation automation

99% of Netcall customers recommend us

Netcall work hard to deliver great customer experience. In 2022, 99% of customers surveyed say they would recommend us.

In their comments customers highlight:

  • Smooth deployments
  • Intuitive solutions
  • Excellent training
  • Positive support
  • Trust
Netcall really pulled out all the stops to help us meet our deadlines. The whole project team were completely committed and we have built a great supplier relationship. It was a real achievement to deploy everything in 5 weeks.
Want to see low-code in action?

Watch this short animation to learn how you could speed up digital transformation.

Take a look at our solutions for rail

See how our automation and engagement solutions enable you to innovate fast and deliver the best customer experience (CX).

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