Improve resolution call handling

Integrate Microsoft Teams and Liberty Converse to provide better customer outcomes




Liberty Converse

Utilising Teams to maintain first-time call resolution

The Liberty Platform is natively integrated with Microsoft Teams. You can use Liberty Converse and Liberty Connect with Teams to build better processes and enable first-class customer service. This means that you can support remote agents in maintaining first-time call resolution performance.

Simplify the path to collaboration

The native integration between Microsoft Teams and the Liberty Platform links screens which are familiar to Liberty Converse agents with collaborative Teams interfaces. You are able to reduce training overheads using a consistent, familiar workspace.

Grow your customer response team

You can easily reach out to any experts in your organisation on Teams. You can add colleagues into calls, or chat with them about complex customer queries.

By creating easily accessible bespoke Teams channels for resources, skillsets and experts you can accelerate agent access to your best assets. This re-energises remote agents’ confidence to self-serve. Internal silos are broken down and removes any gaps in traditional support systems which might have been exposed by remote working. Your agents can focus on CX, without getting stuck at the pinch points.

The benefits

  • Reduce the learning curve for remote agents
  • Create a more supportive environment for remote agents
  • Improve first contact resolution
  • See presence and busy codes
  • Remove bottlenecks and silos
  • Remove friction from CX
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