Triggering processes and notifying staff

Integrate Liberty Create with Microsoft Teams to trigger internal processes and notify staff via the Microsoft Teams environment

Liberty Create and Liberty RPA

Notify and monitor within the Microsoft Teams environment

You can integrate Liberty Create and Liberty RPA with Microsoft Teams to build better processes. Your staff can keep on top of the processes from within their collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams.

Placing an order triggers the processes

Using Liberty Create you can build processes and actions to happen within your organisation. For example, when a customer places an order for a product or service, this can trigger internal processes to begin automatically. The order is handled and the next department or activity is passed the information to process. You can also use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate these processes further.

By integrating Microsoft Teams and Liberty Create and RPA, these processes can be monitored within Microsoft Teams and notifications can be pushed through to relevant staff or departments via Microsoft Teams messages.

Presence – know where your experts are

Automation speeds up processing and reduces the simple or mundane processing tasks for your staff. Keeping the notifications within Microsoft Teams allows staff to work within one environment. Processing customer orders becomes faster and your staff can focus on more complex issues and customer-centric issues.

The benefits

  • Trigger internal processes to speed up customer order processing
  • Monitor progress via the Microsoft Teams environment
  • Notifications to staff via Microsoft Teams messaging
  • Staff can focus on more complex issues and deliver better CX
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