Blog 20 March 2020

Five top tips on tech that can help you weather the storm and even thrive

by Tommy Lai

agile methodology

Oh how the world, both at home and work, has changed in just a short time.

Working together has never been more important. At the brink of a potential crisis, such as when facing the impact of coronavirus, what can help businesses to weather the storm – or even thrive through it?

When it comes to the survival of the fittest in the business world, companies which let their customer experience suffer at the expense of other priorities, are usually the ones to fall first.

Being able to respond to customer demands at times of high pressure is certainly an operational feat. But, it can be done.

The key to success often lies in embracing an agile methodology business model and ensuring that internal processes and systems are designed with flexibility front-of-mind from the very beginning.

Whether companies are dealing with an emergency when speed is of the essence, or a situation outside their control that could result in a variety of possible scenarios, being prepared to pivot and manage available resources effectively can be critical. So how can businesses achieve this level of agile methodology?

We’re adapting quickly too.  As we move the Netcall team to remote working from home, we thought it might be useful to share five top tips on how we are using our own technology to survive and thrive in challenging times.

Let the tech do the heavy lifting…

1. Feeling like your call queues have got that little bit longer? You might find callbacks a way of handling this increase. Adding QueueBuster (over the phone) and CallMeBack (on your website), can reduce call queues and improve the experience for customers. We can quickly have these up and running for you. Alternatively, you could consider adding a message into your IVR to reduce calls. Read more about this here or watch this short video on how QueueBuster makes a difference.

2. Are your teams increasingly working remotely? As schools begin to close and many organisations look to protect the workforce and offer flexibility there’s a need to move to remote working. With our sophisticated speech bot, ContactPortal, everyone can easily stay in touch and calls route to where they are supposed to go. There’s a handy central directory to keep everyone’s contact details up to date.

3.Are you planning to move your contact centre agents to working from home? Our omnichannel contact centre solution is the perfect tool for homeworking. Agents can use any number, on any device irrespective of where they are. Read more about Liberty Converse.

4. Do you need to keep staff or customers informed quickly as the situation changes? Communication is key during change. The more you can keep people updated the better. If you are finding yourself regularly sending out information to staff and customers you might find our emergency alerts app useful. Investing in our low-code platform Liberty Create gives you access to download this free on the AppShare.

5. Do you need to change processes and adapt? Many processes are changing around you, and they are changing fast. The flexibility of low-code suits an agile methodology and enables you to move with the changes. If you’re feeling you need an extra helping hand, consider visiting the Community Forum to get answers to your questions. Our team is on standby to help you. You never know, another customer may already have the answer to jump-start your change. Our growing Community is a great place to virtually meet up – you can learn what others are doing, ask questions and share experiences.

At Netcall we just wanted to remind you that we are here to help should you need us. For more information on any of our 5 top tips, we can organise a short demo of any of the solutions we’ve covered here. Please do get in touch.

Finally, this seems a good opportunity to share our appreciation for every member of staff in the NHS, many of whom we have had the pleasure to work with over our 20 years experience in the health sector. Thank you for staying at work for us, we are staying at home for you.

Stay healthy and keep washing your hands….

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