Socitm helping drive modern public services

3rd of April 2023

Sharing a vision of modern service delivery across the public sector, Netcall is delighted to be a 2023 executive sponsor of the Society for Innovation, Technology and Modernisation (Socitm).

Mark Gannon, Director – Public Services at Netcall, will present a workshop ‘Realising the benefits of intelligent automation’ at the Socitm President’s Conference in June 2023 in Brighton. He will explore, with Netcall customers, how intelligent automation addresses public sector challenges of budget cuts and loss of key skills against rising citizen expectations.

Earlier this year, Socitm launched its annual ‘Public Sector Digital Trends 2023’ report which examines digital challenges and opportunities facing local government. Set in the context of economic turbulence the world over, the report pinpoints key trends amid urgent needs for resilience and sustainability, now and in the future.

In response to specific report trends identified by Socitm, he highlights how Netcall’s Liberty platform can support councils in these areas:

  • Data explodes silos — Liberty extracts value from data stored (and often trapped) within legacy applications, driving improvements and better insights.
  • Emerging ‘Connected Places’ – its agnostic integration approach connects systems, processes and data easily across places.
  • Looking afresh at customer services – the full Liberty suite gives customer service teams tools and capabilities to provide better services, spend more time on value work and gain better insights on demands from customers.
  • Digital, data and technology skills – Netcall is passionate about enabling public sector organisations to train their own staff to be able to develop applications quickly, saving money and improving employee wellbeing.
  • A renewed focus for digital health – with 75% of UK NHS Acute Trusts among Netcall customers, our pedigree in the health sector is very strong.
  • Faster development – our low-code platform enables public sector organisations to develop applications up to 10 times faster than traditional technology development and often at about a third of the cost. These savings can be reinvested in doing more for citizens.

How Netcall is addressing trends

Mark goes on to explain how Netcall is addressing specific technology trends in the report – considering essential enablers to digital transformation to facilitate modern public services:

  • Trends reshaping the use of technology – IOT and AI are fundamental parts of our platform. Netcall customers gain value from improvements and innovation passed directly to them.
  • Applied artificial intelligence and automation – intelligent automation is at the heart of our platform, improving processing efficiency at significant pace and saving significant sums.
  • Tackling IT legacy – Netcall’s Netcall’s Manifesto for Local Government outlines our values and how we are helping public sector organisations to tackle the constraints of legacy technology.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) everywhere – Netcall is enabling case management for IoT devices, providing agnostic integration with any IOT device so organisations only need to have one IOT portal containing all of their aggregated data.
  • Apps multiply and mature – Hundreds of applications are in use (many developed by our customers) from small ones enabling complaints handling to more complex ones that track vulnerable people in an emergency scenario. These are all helping add value to citizen experiences.

Mark explains, Netcall is delighted by progress already made in tackling these challenges to provide modern public services head on.

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“With over 20 years’ experience working with the public sector, we continue to challenge convention and inspire change. Our commitment to helping power progress through innovation will help achieve positive outcomes for local authorities.”

Mark Gannon

Director – Public Services, Netcall


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Tackling the challenges head on

Netcall is addressing specific technology trends affecting local authorities, considering essential enablers to digital transformation to facilitate modern public services.