Blog 06 June 2022

Can your eForms really deliver end-to-end transformation?

by Mark Gannon


Many solutions, such as eForms, claim to deliver digital transformation. But what they actually mean is that they will transform the front door and leave the rest of the citizen journey largely untouched. There are many stages of a citizen journey from request to fulfilment. If each of those stages are not transformed, you get lots of re-work, re-keying and errors. Resulting in inefficiencies, cost, unhappy citizens and employees!

While budgets and staff have reduced significantly over the last decade, citizen expectations have not. If anything, they have increased. Citizens expect services similar in style, quality and speed to those offered by some of the best known digitally enabled businesses. And, council staff have also got the same expectations.

More than ever then, local government need solutions that are fit and agile enough for the modern digital age. Solutions that break the stranglehold of legacy technologies, systems, processes and commercial models which create silos. So, here are some questions to ask…

Can your eForms really deliver end-to-end transformation?

EForms are really good at collecting information from your website visitors. But the data is just passed into the back office where council staff have to rekey into legacy applications. Creating a digital front door is not the same as digital transformation. EForms offer a veneer to the citizen, but do not deliver digitally enabled customer journeys. They do not create true self-service or empower officers to resolve issues at first contact.


This approach relies on council officers to be the glue between systems. This creates friction and unnecessary data flow and re-keying into legacy back office systems. Resolving customer queries at the first point of contact is the best solution for everyone. To do that, you need integration with your back-end legacy systems. Imagine if you could remove the friction and provide your customers the answers they need as they ask them.

Does your eForms product give you digital autonomy?

When you collect customer data in an eForm, are you able to integrate with any system? Can you develop and deploy new forms and processes when you want? Without having to speak to your system’s supplier? Can you do this without having to pay each time?


Our solution is natively open, and you’ll quickly learn how to create APIs. Every time you want to develop and deploy new forms and processes, you have everything you need. Without needing to speak to us or to pay us more money.

Transforming your digital processes is simple and easy. And our solution comes with a library of over 60 integrations straight out of the box. We don’t think it’s right to pay more every time you want to do something with a solution you’ve already invested in. We want our customers to have digital autonomy.

Is the thought of migrating to a new system just too big a headache?

If you’re concerned about migrating away from an eForms package, we have the tools and expertise to help you. Many of your peers in search of digital autonomy have already migrated, quickly and painlessly.


They use our tools to transfer eForms quickly from many of the top eForms package. Recreating those forms in our solution and taking less than half the time of rewriting any process.

Once in our solution, you can iterate those forms and processes yourself without having to pay us to do it, unlike some other suppliers. Don’t let the fear of complex change stop you from moving forward. It isn’t complex with our solution. With our low-code solution you can deliver digital evolution.

The fear of “rip out and replace” models have rightly made councils nervous in the past. True low-code is the foundational technology to support ongoing system improvement, legacy replacement and new service development without costly and risky ‘big bang’ approaches.

COVID-19 exacerbated the need for councils to accelerate their digital transformation. It has never been more important for local government to have the right tools and skills available.

Netcall is on a mission to enable councils to take control of their digital destiny. Netcall’s Citizen Hub delivers this. It is a low-code case management, workflow and process automation solution that accelerates digital transformation for councils. It comes with pre-built processes for the most common council services and a large number of pre-built integrations allowing councils to fast track their digital transformation. Because it is built on the Liberty Create low-code platform, this gives councils the digital autonomy to build new services how and when they need to, using the skills of their own employees.

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