Celebrating success: Netcall achieves an 83% employee engagement score in 2023

19th January 2024

by Mandi Crusco

In the dynamic world of business, where success is often measured in numbers and statistics, there are few accomplishments as rewarding as achieving an exceptional employee engagement score. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we announce our employee engagement score is a fantastic 83% this year. The results are a testament to the dedication, collaboration and positive culture that thrives in our organisation.

The power of employee engagement

Employee engagement is not just a metric; it reflects the commitment and satisfaction of our people. Engaged employees are the heartbeat of any successful company, driving innovation, productivity and a vibrant workplace culture.

Our employee engagement score is the percentage of employees that responded favourably to engagement related questions, and is a measure of how positive employees feel at Netcall. Our score gives a clear indication that our team is not only content but genuinely passionate about their roles and the company’s mission. It also puts us again in the top quartile of more than a 1,000 UK and Global Technology businesses surveyed on Culture Amp, which is made up of over 20 million answered questions.

Employee engagement is not only beneficial for our internal performance; it also has a direct impact on our external outcomes. Research shows that there is a strong link between engaged employees and a positive customer experience. Engaged employees are more likely to provide better service to customers, handle customer inquiries and issues more efficiently, and deliver the best possible customer outcomes.

Here at Netcall, we believe that employee engagement is the key to customer engagement. That’s why we help our customers create and deliver engaging experiences for their own employees and customers, using our low-code and customer engagement solutions. By empowering our customers to build and manage their own applications, workflows and communications, we enable them to achieve higher levels of engagement, satisfaction and loyalty among their stakeholders.

See for yourself, how companies like ATS Euromaster, Camden Council, Dreams, Legal & General, Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Newcastle City Council are putting their customer and employee engagement first.

Key highlights from the survey

  • Record-high participation rates: 82% of our employees enthusiastically participated in the survey, demonstrating a strong interest in contributing to the ongoing improvement of our workplace.
  • Positive feedback across the board: These include job satisfaction, teamwork, leadership and overall workplace culture. This resounding positivity reflects the collective efforts of our dedicated team and their commitment to making Netcall a great place to work.
  • Recognition of leadership effectiveness: Employees expressed confidence in the direction set by our leaders, highlighting transparent communication, strategic vision and supportive management as key contributors to their engagement.
  • Commitment to employee growth and professional development: Positive responses regarding professional development opportunities, training programs and career advancement initiatives underscore our dedication to nurturing the skills and talents of our team members.

Celebrating together

This achievement is a celebration of the collective efforts, shared values and collaborative spirit that define Netcall. As we celebrate this outstanding employee engagement score, it is important to recognise and thank each member of our team for their dedication and contribution to this success.

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“We remain committed to continuous improvement. The insights gained from the survey will serve as a guide as we strive to make our workplace even more engaging, inclusive and rewarding for everyone.”

Mandi Crusco

HR Director, Netcall

Moving forward

As we look ahead, we are excited about the opportunities for further growth, innovation and success that lie on the horizon. Together, we will continue to build a workplace where every team member can thrive and contribute to the ongoing success of Netcall.

Here’s to our shared successes!

Career opportunities

SRR Contract Accountant

We are looking for a SRR Contract Accountant to join our busy Finance team. This role will assist the SRR team with responsibilities for billings and order set up across contracts and usage, as well as assisting with other tasks to support the operations around each of these revenue streams.

Solution Architect

We’re looking for Solution Architect to support the sales teams in developing the offer to clients. The Solution Architect acts as pre-sales and technical leader for solutions up to and including hand over to the Professional Services team.

Business Development Executive

We are looking for Business Development Executives to join our Business Development team and provide remote business development support for their allocated prospect accounts in their assigned market.

Software Engineer

Exposed to the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC), we’re looking for a Software Engineer who works on the specification, design, coding, testing and deployment of our Liberty customer engagement solutions. 

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