Re-thinking repairs:
How low-code housing management solutions can streamline repair services

1 June 2024

by Jimmy Rogers

Housing sector experts came together to discuss the challenges and opportunities in modernising repair services within the industry. In the wider context of the Chartered Institute of Housing’s Better Social Housing Review , several key recommendations were highlighted outlined below.

“Housing associations should partner with tenants, contractors and frontline staff to develop and apply new standards defining what an excellent maintenance and repairs process looks like.”

Chartered Institute of Housing’s Better Social Housing Review

Kate, a seasoned director and co-founder of Change Network, recently shared her expertise and findings from the many transformation projects they’ve worked on with councils, housing associations and other essential provider.

Drawing on over two decades of experience, she emphasised the importance of understanding the sector from various perspectives on the journey to delivering more effective repairs services in the housing sector. Key takeaways included:

1. Repairs are critical

Repair services play a crucial role in tenant satisfaction and regulatory compliance within the housing sector.

2. Persistent challenges

Despite efforts, the sector faces ongoing challenges such as high levels of avoidable contact, communication gaps, workforce constraints and regulatory expectations.

3. Holistic approach

There’s a need for a holistic approach to repairs, focusing on prevention, reduction, diagnosis and service delivery improvement.

4. Data-driven decision making

Leveraging data is essential, so it’s important to involve tenants and frontline teams in co-production and fostering a culture of empathy and efficiency.

5. Better social housing review insights

Kate shared insights from the Better Social Housing Review, emphasising the ‘7 Cs’ conditions for success: clarity, commitment, capability, capacity, controls, collaboration and culture.

The presentation concluded with thought-provoking questions, urging participants to think differently and prioritise tenant needs.

Clyde Valley’s journey

Sarah Campbell, Business Improvement Manager at Clyde Valley Group, shared how their journey began with a comprehensive assessment of data, processes, systems and reporting.

In the initial phase, Clyde Valley focused on the diagnostic stage of repairs. Engaging stakeholders and gathering feedback from customers and colleagues, they redesigned its delivery model from the ground up using a centralised contact centre to efficiently manage interactions.

Complaints have dropped, customer satisfaction is up and repair completion times have improved. All setting the stage for the next phase involving transitioning to a multi-contractor model, expanding service functionalities, and embracing automation.

Clyde Valley Housing Association

“The low-code platform was fundamental to the streamlining of repairs — and will be for the next phase of our journey. It allows us complete customisation of our repairs journey and our processes.”

Sarah Campbell

Business Improvement Manager, Clyde Valley

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