Tenant satisfaction measures explained

10th March 2023

Mark Gannon

by Mark Gannon

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) aim to improve the lives of social housing tenants — making sure they are listened to, able to live in safe homes in good repair and their complaints are well handled. They form part of a set of ways, laid out by Government, in ‘The charter for social housing residents: social housing white paper’— to improve things for people living in social housing. While some steps are for the Regulator of Social Housing, TSMs impact landlords and social housing organisations from 1st April 2023.

What do tenant satisfaction measures look at?

TSMs will be the recipe that delivers increased tenant satisfaction, reductions in complaints and improved overall well-being for residents. At a high level, TSMs let tenants see how well their landlord is doing, and where improvements need to be made – spanning five key themes, including:

  • Keeping properties in good repair
  • Maintaining building safety
  • Effective complaints handling
  • Respectful and helpful engagement
  • Responsible neighbourhood management

How is TSM data collected?

Of the 22 tenant satisfaction measures, ten of these will be measured by landlords directly, and 12 will be measured by landlords via tenant perception surveys.

What do TSMs mean for landlords and tenants?

If TSMs are implemented effectively they could be hugely impactful for the Social Housing sector in UK. Along with providing a good tenant service and improving the quality of homes, they could foster better collaboration between landlords.

But landlords will need to keep tenant needs firmly in focus — rather than switching their attention to TSM metrics and targets. If they don’t, they risk a drop in tenant satisfaction scores. Landlords getting the top scores in Summer 2023 will be those who embrace process, workflow and application design — listening to tenants, delivering a consistent service and responding quickly to changing tenant/organisation requirements.

How to meet tenant satisfaction measures

Working with a customer experience and case management specialist like Netcall, social landlords can improve processes and workflows — using low-codeRPAcontact centre and AI — to optimise resources and achieve TSM objectives:

  • Customer feedback management — giving tenants the ability to interact about housing conditions, maintenance issues, and other concerns via email, SMS, social media and phone.
  • Case management/CRM — a single view of tenant records, handling a number of different subjects, such as repairs, complaints, damp and mould, and anti-social behaviour.
  • Real-time communication — tenants can easily report maintenance issues, ask questions, or raise concerns about their housing conditions.
  • Data analytics — helps housing authorities track tenant satisfaction measures, using data to identify and address areas for improvement. Plus tailor any other reports you need.
  • Enhanced customer service — giving 24/7 support, self-service options and efficient response times to tenants’ queries and concerns.
  • Reporting and dashboards — track key performance indicators related to TSMs and course correct when necessary.
  • Adjustable surveys — complete tenant surveys easily via different interaction methods for TSMs like post-call surveys, outbound SMS campaigns and online forms.
  • Automation — avoid spending limited resources on collecting and managing required data. Automate tasks and let employees focus on supporting tenants.

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