Blog 04 December 2019

Customer expectations are changing. So are we.

by Richard Farrell


Meeting the customer’s expectations is getting more difficult. That’s why we reimagined our product portfolio with unified messaging in the contact centre.

The definition of a great customer experience hasn’t changed in a hundred years, maybe more. It just means meeting some basic customer expectations.

When your grandma walked into her favourite greengrocer she expected helpful service, empathy and a smooth customer journey.

We’re still looking for exactly the same things – whether we’re entering a grocer, visiting a bank’s website or ordering food from an app.

What’s changed is the nature and volume of customer touchpoints. There used to be a handful of channels, now there are hundreds.

And this creates problems for businesses. 

Your grandma’s greengrocer wasn’t dealing with thousands of customers and hundreds of different enquiries all at once. And he didn’t have to stay on top of rapidly-evolving digital platforms that create new opportunities (and challenges) on a regular basis. 

She never had to consider the possibilities of multi-channel marketing, and how delivering a seamless, streamlined customer experience can make or break your business.

But you do have to deal with these things. 

And this trend for channel convergence isn’t slowing down. New channels are emerging all the time and delivering a consistent, seamless, unified messaging service across all of them will only get more difficult.

You need the ability to move fast and adapt to change on the fly.

Unified messaging in the contact centre

That’s why we’ve expanded our product portfolio – to help customer-focused businesses become more flexible.

This meant broadening our horizons.  

Until recently, we focused on the front line – the contact centre. We developed technology that helps customer services teams manage workforce performance, streamline workflows and juggle the torrent of messages and calls flowing into their business.

Now we’re building on this foundation. Liberty Connect lets you bring almost any digital channel into the mix. Social media, chat and IM messages can now be managed alongside traditional interactions in just one system – every channel in one conversation on one user interface. That means your team can meet customers on their own terms and spark conversations based on a rich, up-to-date interaction data.

We’re also going a level deeper to address all the stuff that happens behind the scenes.

Build your own unified messaging solution

Liberty Create – our low-code solution – lets you improve and reimagine the processes that support customer interactions. That means you can finally address the root causes of problems that spark frustration on the front line. 

For example, if you can see that a time-consuming, paper-based process is affecting customer onboarding, you can spin up an app that pushes things forward. Best of all, your customer experts can build these apps. There’s no need for new developer talent.

We could go on and on about both these solutions but we’d rather show you what they can do…


Pretty cool huh?

This is the start of a new chapter for us and our customers. New products mean new possibilities and with Liberty Create, the opportunities are literally endless.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

See how our contact centre platform and low-code solution can help your business move seamlessly into unified messaging.

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