Digital self-service portal makes life easier for patients

Improving patient experience and appointment utilisation rates

The challenge

Chesterfield Royal Hospital, along with the rest of the NHS, has faced challenges with managing DNA rates for outpatient appointments. Letters can get lost in the post, are forgotten about or arrive after the appointment. Sometimes the patient’s circumstances change and they forget to cancel. Patients didn’t understand the wait for postal information and it often caused confusion.

And all of these missed appointments have costly impacts on the Trust. Relying on postal services was no longer enough for patients or the Hospital.

Control over appointments

The Trust deployed Patient Hub, an online portal which a patient can use to check and manage their appointment.

“Patient Hub is about giving our patients an improved experience and control over their appointments.  As it’s integrated with our booking and telephony systems, it’s more convenient and faster for patients and staff to manage a rebooking or cancellation. Reallocating freed appointments to other patients shortens their waiting time, maximises utilisation and reduces DNAs.”

Ian Hazel

Director of ICT and Informatics, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The solution

“This investment has paid off for today and future efficiencies, reducing errors and improving the patient experience. Teams should not underestimate the need to update each department’s appointment process work. A smooth transition to digital comes from having 100% understanding of their processes.”

Claire Carson

Associate Director of Performance and Information, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The result

  • Easy, instant access to appointment information and materials for patients
  • Reallocating freed appointments to other patients has shortened their waiting times, maximised utilisation and reduced DNAs
  • The Trust is committed to going paper-light – the portal cuts paper and postage bills in half
  • Patients enjoy using Patient Hub – in the initial quarter, 66% of new appointments were managed digitally
  • Improvements to patient flow due to reduced errors and faster communications
  • Less friction with patients
  • Projected ROI within 12 months
Hear it for yourself
A digital future

Phase two of the project saw Chesterfield on board all new appointments across specialities, followed by all follow-up and mixed appointments. The Trust continues to drive patient experience and improve utilisation rates for appointments.


50% +

cost saving in postage


uptake in initial 4 months

Easy & Instant

for patients to access

Proven technology deployed at pace and scale

Deliver positive benefits to patients, staff and your Trust with Patient Hub

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