Transforming digital experiences

Tewkesbury Borough Council transformed online experience to benefit their citizens, the environment and the bottom-line

The challenge

Tewkesbury Borough Council in Gloucestershire is the fastest growing district outside of London. With demand rapidly increasing, they turned to digital, using their digital transformation program to improve services for its customers, deliver environmental improvements and make significant financial savings.

Improved services and financial savings

Their in-house Transformation Team turned to Liberty Create, our low-code platform, to redesign services.

“Technically, we’ve been focused on making sure our online waste and recycling services are as useful to the customer as possible – we want to save them time and provide them with as much information upfront as we can. Not only are we helping to create savings for the council, but we’re also simplifying back-office processes too.”

Joe Cole

Lead Digital Officer, Tewkesbury Borough Council

The solution

Our waste and recycling services are high profile – we offer really good services to our residents and now we’re going to be able to offer a fantastic online experience to go alongside them.  Utilising Liberty Create’s accelerators saved us a huge amount of time. We’re a council which is really committed to making our residents’ lives easier. The work of the Transformation Team is doing this, as well as helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and deliver on financial savings.”

Peter Tonge

Head of Community Services, Tewkesbury Borough Council

The result
  • Simplified systems have reduced officer admin time, enabling quicker customer response times
  • Better integration into existing legacy systems
  • Automated communications
  • More manageable data
  • Significantly improved council finances – their actions in the first 18-months saved over £100,000 net of investment
  • Increased capacity to drive service income, for example a 35% revenue growth (>£300k) from garden waste over 3 years

Hear it for yourself

The future’s digital

The Tewkesbury Transformation Team’s priorities for the next 12 months include using the Liberty Create to improve licensing, planning, cemetery, mapping and member services. Their work has had a profoundly positive impact on service management and delivery at the council.

At a Local Government Association meeting the team was referred to as ‘flying the digital flag for district councils’ and in March 2022, they were awarded a Bronze award for the Best Transformation Team at the iESE Public Sector Transformation Awards.



savings in 18 months


revenue growth

Paperless & Automated

processes and communications

Improved services and financial savings

Digital transformation program to improve services for its customers, deliver environmental improvements and make significant financial savings.

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