Driving their own digital journey

Waverley Borough Council shares digital services and using their own talent

The challenge

Waverley Borough Council is a local government district in Surrey – a rural borough with many older residents and a variation in broadband quality.

To support their inclusivity and choice goals, they wanted to provide several easy options for residents to contact the council. With limited resources and budget constraints, they needed a flexible solution that would allow for further development using existing internal resources – sharing digital services with other councils.

Supporting more inclusivity and choice

Waverley was initially looking for a new telephony system and CRM. They began using Liberty Converse, our omnichannel contact centre solution, to create a customer service centre.

  • It brought together multiple telephony services
  • Provided visibility of calls and call waiting times
  • Improved accessibility for residents who are directed to the right team, quickly and without frustration
  • Call recording helps understand complications on specific calls, supporting agent training and development

“Collaborating and using the AppShare is one of the major positives of Liberty platform and Citizen Hub. All local authorities are feeling the same pain points, providing the same services. We’ve shared some of our work with the Netcall Community – we can all benefit from processes that councils up and down the country are implementing.”

Linda Frame

IT Manager, Waverley Borough Council

The solution

“With budget pressures, we need to take a different view of how we can deliver services in future and low-code is working well for us. The huge potential of Liberty Create is that it offers us a platform that our staff can use to create what they need, now and in the future. We’ve found that the more we map out each customer journey upfront, and give the builders accurate information, the quicker the build progresses.”

Linda Frame

IT Manager, Waverley Borough Council

The result

  • 100% digital autonomy
  • Improved resident service accessibility
  • End-to-end citizen experience
  • Sharing digital services
  • Time and development savings
  • Upskilled team to develop apps in-house
  • Rapid project development
  • No reliance on supplier timescales and costs
  • Omnichannel customer service centre
  • It brought together multiple telephony services

Digital transformation for resident convenience

In linking their contact centre with a CRM, to improve efficiency and support smoother back end processing, the team expanded to Citizen Hub, Delivering end-to-end digital local government services, residents enjoy more accessibility.

Saving time and money through sharing digital services, already developed by other Citizen Hub council users, the team can supercharge their digital transformation efforts — sharing developments with other councils. Plus, with the skills they learned, the team now hold the power of digital transformation in their own hands. Using low-code and Citizen Hub resources, they continue to develop new services and apps to enhance resident experience.



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