Netcall supports PEP integration with the NHS App

19th of January 2023

Five NHS customers go live with the integration of Netcall’s Patient Hub with the NHS App.

We are delighted to announce that five of our NHS Trust customers are now live with the national initiative of supporting patients to access their appointment information in Patient Hub through the NHS App:

  • Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
  • Chesterfield Royal Hospital Foundation Trust
  • Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust is excited to be one of the first Trusts to go live with Project Wayfinder, where patients can now access their hospital appointments in Patient Hub via the NHS App. Cornwall continues to be leading the way with their digital-first approach for the benefit of our patients, and this is another step in the right direction.

Sam Roberts

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Transforming patient experience

See how Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS and Isles of Scilly transformed patient experience with our patient engagement portal, Patient Hub.

Supporting the national initiative

Part of the Government’s digital Health and Social care plan launched last year focused on improving and expanding the features of the NHS App to include appointment management. If people are more involved with their own care, it will lead to healthier outcomes and remove some of that heavy burden on the NHS.

Accessing appointment information via the NHS App is an exciting development for us, patients, our NHS customers and wider healthcare stakeholders. Empowering patients who want easier digital access is a great step forward. Patients will have access to appointment information through their smartphones. For those of us who want to manage our health through the device in our pocket, it will make it even easier and more accessible and lead to a sizeable reduction in DNAs.

The result? A better experience for patients and improved clinical utilisation for Trusts.

We are excited to have gone live with Patient Hub on the NHS App, which is a big step forward for us. Leeds is one of the first Trusts to go live with this initiative to support the overall goals of driving up patient engagement and the feedback so far has been extremely positive with more and more patients accessing Patient Hub for their Outpatient appointment details.

Rob Childs

Leeds Hospital

Same great features in the NHS App

Patient Hub users can see their existing features either on the NHS App or on their smartphone as before. Ultimate flexibility and convenience.

  • Appointment management
  • Waiting list validation
  • Reminders
  • Digital letters
  • The feedback from our NHS customers that have gone live is very positive. We are looking forward to supporting more customers in the coming months as they integrate too with the NHS App.

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