Netcall for Local Government

Better for citizens, better for you

One in four councils use our low-code or contact centre solutions to make life easier for their citizens and staff. Now it’s your turn.

Digital Transformation for Local Government

We believe in putting the power of digital transformation back into your hands. We want councils to be able to break free from the constraints of legacy applications and vendors.

Our mission is to enable local government to deliver great citizen-centric digital services.

Our end-to-end citizen engagement solution, Citizen Hub gives Council’s own teams the power of low-code development to help them constantly improve services, quickly and cost-effectively. Read our Customer Stories below to find out more about Citizen Hub in action.

Watch the video to see how Citizen Hub works


Customer Stories from Local Government

Waverley Borough Council have transformed resident services using their existing talent to develop new apps and fix processes and by saving time and money by collaborating and downloading digital services via Citizen Hub, our end-to-end digital solution for local government.

The digital transformation team at Ashfield District Council aspires to make every service available to residents online. They are happy to share what they have achieved and their experience of the digital transformation journey.