Netcall for Integrated Care Services

Optimising ICS services to provide citizen-centric care

Enable and improve system wide delivery of health and care services, with frictionless Citizen and Patient engagement, and intelligent automation solutions.

Putting Citizens at the centre of integrated care

Improving Citizens’ outcomes with digitally enabled health and social care services

Constraints on resources and funding, coupled with an ageing population, means Integrated care systems (ICSs) need to do more with far less. Integration and collaboration is key – technology has to enable staff to provide citizen centric care easily and efficiently.

Empowering staff through integrated technology

Regardless of what back-end systems you have in your Acute Trusts, councils or community settings, Netcall’s Liberty Platform sits agnostically across them all; seamlessly connecting them and providing you with the data insights that you need to deliver a high quality citizen experience.

As a trusted partner, we design and implement systems that are built specifically for Local Government, the NHS and Integrated care systems. Our solutions capture and unify data from multiple systems, enabling access to more accurate information to drive better outcomes for citizens across all health and social care settings.

With Liberty Platform you can:

  • Optimise staff utilisation and capacity across ICSs
  • Improve citizen pathways and workflow processes
  • Enable outstanding Patient, Citizen and Staff experience
  • Support the elective recovery programme
  • Deliver accurate clinical and social care insights to improve care across ICSs
  • Enable easy and rapid service and transformational change with our all-in-one platform

Meet some of our customers

chesterfield royal hospital nhs foundation trust
sheffield children's nhs foundation trust
Ashfield District Council
hampshire hospitals nhs foundation trust
Blackburn with Darwin Borough Council

Deliver a high-quality local service with the Liberty Platform

Tackle the elective care backlog and improve citizen pathways

Engage with and communicate appointment information to all patients and optimise engagement by using their preferred channels.

Reduce admin burden on staff with a fully automated process.

Increase capacity across trusts, meaning resources are fully utilised with clinicians seeing the right patient at the right time.

Implement best-in-class omnichannel engagement

Improve citizen engagement as they reach their desired contact quickly and efficiently.

Improve staff utility, with faster routing of calls and reduction of demands on operators.

Increase ROI, and lower TCO through a single-vendor ICS-wide solution, that underpins and supports the pathway improvement programme for tackling the post-pandemic recovery.

Automate workflow processes to capture and unify data

Optimise citizen pathways by collecting data from multiple siloed systems, producing a single version of accurate information.

Use automation to increase capacity and improve resource utilisation across Acute Trusts, Councils and Community and Mental Health Trusts.

Adopt a single easy to use platform for all Staff, and enable cost effective ICS transformation.

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