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Treat the problems with your processes and give your patients the care they deserve with our suite of contact centre, low-code, RPA and messaging solutions.

How we support different sectors within the NHS and Healthcare

Acute Hospital Trusts and Boards
Hospitals have hundreds sometimes thousands of systems. And they are not great at speaking to each other. We can help to bring them together to ensure the patient flow through the hospital is as seamless as possible.

Right from the beginning when arriving at the hospital or entering virtual waiting rooms. Through to triage, consultations and visits to theatre. All the way to the discharge process.

By integrating systems and using a digital-first approach, patient flow is smooth and joined up. And the hospital benefits from real-time visibility, meaning you make the most out of expensive clinical resources.
Mental Health
Determining the right patient pathway is critical for mental health. But giving patients and their close family or contacts access to this pathway makes a huge difference. When patients understand their treatment plans they are more likely to stick to them. This seems like a simple change, but without the right tools it becomes very difficult.

With the right platform, more possibilities open up. Patients have access to their care timetable and even use video appointments where needed. You have a flexible pathway. One which allows patients to regress instead of starting at the beginning when they have a setback.

Or even introduce active monitoring, so potential issues can be flagged quickly and acted upon. The tool can be built around the needs of the patient and their care, instead of the limitations of the tech.
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By turning data into useful information, you can make better decisions for patients. This is critical when data is shared across organisations. Imagine if you could share information such as care plans and have joint workflows?

This not only delivers better patient care but also means you make the most out of every pound spent. You use resources more effectively. All while ensuring that the patients’ data is safe.

This approach makes more of preventative and community care, which is often better for patients. And reduces the burden on hospitals.
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Ambulance Trusts
Demands on ambulance trusts are higher than ever, and speed is of the essence. With ambulances crossing borders of different trusts, quick access to patient data can be difficult. But access to this information including patient history and care plans makes all the difference. And reduces avoidable journeys by using health in the community where possible.

Digital-first initiatives such as video consulting into the command centre can also make a big difference. Raising performance standards and provide patients with the right clinical advice.