Netcall for the NHS

Put patients first

Treat the problems with your processes and give your patients the care they deserve with our suite of contact centre, low-code and messaging solutions.

Helping is caring

Patients are often vulnerable, afraid and stressed. Taking any pressure off their shoulders is a huge relief. Liberty Create lets you produce apps that do just that. Build a better process for booking and managing appointments that puts the patient first. And do it all in seconds.
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Keep track of care records

Letters. Notes. Conversations. All of this data lives in separate systems so it can be hard for doctors and nurses to track a patient’s history. This is annoying for your team and frustrating for patients. Liberty Converse can help you bring everything together in one thread.
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I have found Netcall extremely professional and helpful. All their staff have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism at all levels throughout the organisation, which has made our job much easier and kept us on track!

The Patient Hub:
Reduce your wastage

This is our appointment management system that lets patients confirm, rebook or cancel appointments via email and text. This makes life easier for them but also reduces the admin and cost burden on hospitals. More importantly, the Patient Hub can reduce the number of Did Not Attends (DNAs) by up to 40%. That’s huge. 

  • Give patients the choice of communications
  • Reduce postage costs by up to 50% 
  • Improve your booking process
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Take patients off hold

Patients understand that hospitals are busy places but no one wants to sit on hold for thirty minutes just to ask a simple question. Netcall Converse helps you tackle this problem by merging all of your customer channels into one universal queue. Match callers to appropriate advisors and set rules so that all queries are managed in a timely manner. 

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How to save £460,000

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals had a big problem with DNAs and each missed appointment cost them £101.

Then they installed an automated appointment reminder solution. A year later, they’d saved a huge £460,000.

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The system is flexible and easy to use, manage and maintain.