Making the complex simple

Accelerating digital journeys for the London Market

The London Market is inherently complex, with friction heavy processes and a lot of duplication taking place. It is expensive and resource heavy, which in the long term is unsustainable. Especially when you consider up to 40% of the premium is eaten up in acquisition costs. This unacceptably high cost of doing business is driving change and catalysing transformation.

Key initiatives such as Future at Lloyd’s support the changes required to ensure the market remains relevant and credible globally. The race is on to reduce the cost of doing business. And to increase efficiencies and improve the overall end to end user experience. Low-code tech can help deliver the market’s aspirations for change.

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Intelligent automation for the London Market

Automating processes helps reduce friction across the value chain by removing manual processes such as re-keying.

Our Liberty Create and Liberty RPA solutions equip companies across the London Market to automate processes quickly and easily, through new applications and process flows.

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Reduce friction in the value chain
Improve operational efficiency with straight-through processing. Use applications, like low-code that allow you to seamlessly exchange data across the whole value chain.

By digitising manual processes, the potential for human error reduces.
Built by experts in the London Market (you!)
The ease of use of our platform means you can bring IT and business together to build what you need yourself, fast.

You can solve a multitude of challenges with a secure single platform all under the governance and control of IT.
Lloyd’s of London CEO John Neal believes that technology should be used to revitalise the marketplace. He commented: We need to make ourselves more relevant, more innovative [and] much more cost-effective.
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Don’t be held back by legacy systems
Rather than rip and replace, build upon the investments you’ve already made.

With low-code, you can tie together legacy systems with new applications that deliver the information you need and a great customer experience.
Better access to data
Gain a competitive edge with integrated access to external and internal data.

Provide one version of the truth and empower your people to make better-informed underwriting and claims decisions based on better access to enriched information.
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In the media

Take a look at some of the insights and commentary from our team of tech experts, around how low-code is helping the London Market.

Our solution

Low-code is one technology that’s pioneering a fresh approach to a digital-first future. Recognising the failures of big transformation projects that are too expensive and too slow, low-code allows you to ‘get off the starting block’. Improving one process at a time.

It allows you to create new apps needed for improving processes. It ties together legacy systems with new data sources and provides the end-to-end data flow. Meaning you have better access to data and a competitive edge.

Low-code offers a new approach to application development. It has been designed to address the time, cost and complexity issues of traditional software development. Business users and IT can work together to deliver secure apps that meet your exact needs. Overcoming skills shortages and delivering innovative solutions, faster.

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Automation in departmental silos is the root cause of many broken processes. One process pro at a large insurance company lamented that many processes broke as a result of COVID-19 driving a new class of remote workers.

‘The Coronavirus Crisis Increases the Demands on Software And Developers’, Forrester, May 2020.

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Insurance LaunchPad

Use cases

Here are some quick examples of how people in the London Market are using our solutions.

A leading global professional services firm acting as a global insurance broker and representing many of the world’s leading organisations. Across the Spanish broking sites the broking process was clunky, inconsistent and prone to error and double data-entry. Liberty Create simplifies and standardises the broking process.

This insurance underwriting company increased staff productivity by 57%, to improve customer service and save massive costs. A new platform built with Liberty Create is assisting with case management has enabled spend tracking, progress of home refurbs, chased contractors, updated customers, provided MI across entire cases and enabled trend analysis mapping.

Our partners

We have teamed up with a number of service delivery partners that have a wealth of experience in the London Market. So if you need help to quickly solve your most pressing challenges we can match you to your perfect partner. Netcall accredited, wealth of experience, industry knowledge and great people are what makes a good fit for us!

Take a look at some of the projects we have been involved with so far, all built using our Liberty Create platform.

Gemini Claims Expert Management Hub

Built on Liberty Create by Advent Insurance Management Ltd.

CGI Partnership – Insurance LaunchPad

A number of apps built in Liberty Create to solve client challenges.

Gobeyond Partners make real business change happen. They don’t just think. They don’t just design. They do. They don’t approach problems with a codified methodology. They solve them using a pragmatic mindset and a commitment to commerciality.

Since 1970, ACORD has been an industry leader in identifying ways to help its members make improvements across the insurance value chain. Implementing ACORD Standards improves data quality and flow, increase efficiency, and realize billion-dollar savings to the global insurance industry.


CGI strives to be recognised by our clients as their partner and expert of choice. Our track record of outstanding delivery, combined with our industry expertise, end-to-end services and IP-based solutions.

Low-code in action

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In this short webinar, we explain Liberty Create, our low-code platform. We focus on how it’s different to other low-code solutions and the benefits that it delivers to organisations across all industries. Plus, you’ll see it in action!

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