Newsroom 27 January 2021

Health-tech leaders integrate platforms to offer patients a seamless end-to-end digital experience


Leading health-tech providers, Patients Know Best and Netcall, have partnered to offer patients in the UK a more seamless end-to-end digital experience with an integrated solution that has the potential to increase uptake.

The Patients Know Best (PKB) personal health record and clinical portal platform provide digital access to a patient’s real-time health information to help them manage their care. In turn, Netcall’s Patient Hub facilitates appointments and consultations for smoother diary management.

By integrating the two solutions, patients can seamlessly manage their health data (including test results and care plans), appointments and consultations easily in one place.

“Patients need convenience from their digital interactions with their health service now more than ever”, says Sally Rennison, Vice President of Sales at PKB. “This partnership solution offers just that with access to everything from test results, appointments, care plans, consultations and more – all from one digital interaction. That’s the kind of seamless experience users expect from their online services whether it’s banking or health, and that’s exactly what we have given them with this integration from Patients Know Best and Netcall.”

For health and care providers, the integration saves time and money by improving efficiencies with the uptake of digital communications processes. For patients, it offers convenience so they can access their appointments and consultations from Netcall’s Patient Hub while at the same time click to access their PKB personal health record within the same user interface. Shortly, the integration will work both ways, allowing PKB users to access the Netcall Patient Hub directly from their PKB account.

Mark Holmes, Chief Sales Officer at Netcall said: “Patient Hub puts patients in control of the management of their appointments securely. This partnership with Patients Know Best offers patients a smoother, more seamless experience and will encourage further uptake of digital engagement, improving the way patients interact with their health and care services. Current confusion about where to go for which purpose is resolved and joining the two brings niche knowledge and expertise from each area to provide a best of breed approach.”

He adds: “We’ve seen the uptake of digital services through Patient Hub increase up to 70%. Linking to a clinical and patient portal such as Patients Knows Best supports this further, to speed up the rate at which patients can see the real benefits of managing their care.”

With the integration in place, the solution is available to all joint PKB and Netcall customers from January 2021.

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