New AI solution empowers organisations to predict future outcomes and automate decision-making

15th of June 2022

Netcall’s Liberty AI harnesses the power of machine learning (ML) to leverage powerful data insights, enabling organisations to speed up response times, increase efficiencies and boost CX.

We are delighted to announce that our Liberty platform is now infused with business-ready AI automation, bringing machine learning (ML) to complex data. Putting the power of automated data analysis in the hands of everyday business users makes complex, but vital, decision-making simpler. Democratising data in this way will enable organisations to support customers effectively amid an increasingly turbulent and pressurised economic landscape, whilst managing their own cost pressures and the ongoing squeeze on internal resources.

Together with Netcall’s existing Liberty platform – which combines Liberty RPA robotic process automation, Liberty Create low-code platform, and Liberty Converse omnichannel contact centre – this addition opens up a broader range of intelligent automation and engagement possibilities than has been possible before. As an AI-powered platform, Liberty enables organisations to make huge transformational changes without the need for highly skilled developers or data scientists, by automating processes and integrating communication, data and systems to transform digital journeys. By leveraging AI and ML, organisations can utilise enriched data insights to predict future outcomes and enhance and automate decision making. It allows organisations not only to be proactive in their approach to improve the end-user experience, but also cut costs and optimise operational efficiency.

For NHS organisations, for example, waiting list backlogs urgently need to be tackled and are being further exacerbated by missed appointments, which are costing the NHS millions. In other areas, citizens are facing rising living costs, while local authorities, housing associations and utility providers are under growing pressure to identify and support people as they struggle to make payments on essential bills like council tax and rent. For insurance providers there is the added pressure of identifying fraudulent insurance claims.

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“Today, consumers expect more from organisations than ever before – whether that be patients expecting GP or outpatient appointments at a time convenient to them, or tenants unable to pay their bills on time and in need of payment support. To be able to respond effectively, both public and private sectors such as local government, housing associations, healthcare, insurance or financial providers need to utilise huge swathes of data that are often tied up in legacy and siloed systems – and then proactively act on them, fast.

Whilst this wealth of intelligence can be used to tackle these issues, these insights are rarely acted on. Traditional methods of extracting and analysing information involves engaging with expensive data science teams, which can be a slow and cumbersome process. Often these skills are unavailable, or in short supply, meaning that insights remain under- or un-utilised.”

Richard Billington

Chief Technology Officer, Netcall

Liberty AI has the capability to scale up large numbers of complex data sets quickly and efficiently, which can be used to predict the most likely future outcomes from historical data. This capacity is extremely powerful across a range of use-cases. From predicting whether a customer is likely to renew a contract to anticipating the likelihood of a patient attending a given appointment time, predictive analytics can help organisations stay one step ahead and address issues before they happen, including reducing Do Not Attend (DNA) rates in healthcare organisations.

With Liberty AI, organisations can use artificial intelligence to dramatically improve the employee experience by freeing up workers from administrative tasks to focus on the jobs that add value for the end-users. By integrating AI solutions that can collaborate with human workers, it is anticipated that employees will become less burdened with mundane tasks, thus increasing their job fulfilment and to optimise performance and productivity.

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Liberty harnesses the power of machine learning (ML) to leverage powerful data insights, enabling organisations to speed up response times, increase efficiencies and boost CX