Supporting NHS Digital Transformation

Expert panel supporting NHS digital transformation
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Hear from our panel of experts about their top tips for digital transformation.

Includes discussion about interoperability of healthcare systems, the role of the patient and the engagement of clinical staff.

Our experts include:
Christine Walters, Director of Informatics at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS.

Ian Brewer, Head of Information and Technology for UHS Digital at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

Ian Hazel, IS Manager at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS.

Ikenna Emenyonu, Solutions Specialist

Supporting NHS Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been a ‘buzz’ phrase in the NHS for a number of years. We understand that the NHS is under pressure to deliver improvement and solutions that put patients first, improve efficiency and cut costs. Never has the need or opportunity been greater.

The NHS is invaluable to us all. We have served NHS Trusts and Boards for many years, and have a record of developing solutions for better communication. Along the way we have learnt much about transformation, sharing is caring and we want to give back. We think the best way for us to do this is to facilitate the sharing of expertise, thought leadership and best practice guidelines.

We hope the content on these pages will be useful. We give our sincere thanks to our expert panel for sharing their expertise in how to gain excellence in digital transformation. Why not subscribe to our up-and-coming webinar series ‘Supporting NHS Digital Transformation’ with Solutions Specialist Ikenna Emenyonu and expert panel.

Embrace exciting opportunities to transform the way we work and remove less value added tasks. Digital programmes, done well, really make a difference to patient care and patient safety by giving the right information to the right people at the right time to enable clinicians to make informed decisions on individual patients and their treatment and care.

– Christine Walters, Director of Informatics at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS

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Our “NHS digital transformation best practice and guidelines” webinars are designed to deliver practical tips, fast. Check out our first 4 below.

Hear from Ian Brewer, Head of IT for UHS Digital at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. He discusses how digital project results have improved when there is more Clinician involvement. He explains why, test and test again, has become a motto.

From 400 template letters to 4 templates. Learn how using letter templates from within Patient Hub have changed Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust’s appointment letter handling forever.

Peers in the media

Discover how successful digital transformation has enabled Chesterfield Royal Hospital to improve their appointment system and Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital to give back more time to parents and carers to spend with their unwell children.

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Reduce costs, optimise each clinic’s performance and deliver a better patient experience. Patient Hub provides a communications portal facilitating appointment management and consultation. Improve service, utilisation and reduce DNAs.

Patients can book and reschedule all appointments, whether in person, on the phone or via video through a self-service portal. And they can request information and send messages. Meanwhile you get a real-time view of attendance and resource allocation.

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Benefits of Patient Hub

Reduce DNAs
Dramatically reduce missed appointments by making it easier for patients to self-manage their attendance.
Cut costs
Make big savings by cutting print costs and going paperless.
Improve utilisation
Redeploy resources in real-time to improve utilisation and reduce waiting times.
Better service
Give your patients round-the-clock access to all appointment-related information, hospital directions and site maps.
Netcall’s Patient Hub is really easy to use and it’s a real transformation – the first step in our journey towards a patient-held health record.

– Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Safer for patients and staff

Patient Hub has added modules to help staff and patients.

I’ve Arrived is a symptom checker that allows for ‘car park’ queuing. You’re able to ask patients to check for symptoms prior to them leaving home. When they arrive they check-in remotely and then are invited in when there is space.

Patient Hub Result was built during COVID-19 and allows you to deliver test results in the moment, securely and discreetly.

As hospitals prepare open up in-person appointments, it’s crucial to maintain site safety. With physical distancing measures in place, there will be reduced seating, which means patients may have to go to wait elsewhere in the hospital.