Patient Hub – How-to videos

Watch these short videos to see how Patient Hub works from both the patients point of view and the hospitals.

Every hospital faces the same dilemma. How do you improve the patient experience while working more efficiently? Patient Hub solves this problem. It lets patients control all of their appointments whether in person, on the phone or via video. And it gives you the up-to-the-minute data you need to make better decisions. Here’s how it works.


How-to videos: the patient’s view



How-to videos: the hospitals view



The benefits of Patient Hub

  • Reduce DNAs – Dramatically reduce missed all appointments by making it easier for patients to self-manage their attendance.
  • Cut costs – Make big savings by cutting print costs and going paperless.
  • Improve utilisation – Redeploy resources in real-time to improve utilisation and reduce waiting times.
  • Better service – Give your patients round-the-clock access to all appointment-related information, hospital directions and site maps.
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The cost savings, estimated at £150-200k per year, are significant, but much more important is the powerful reporting, which shows us whether a patient has accepted their appointment or not.

Hear from our customers

Like many hospitals, NHS Dumfries and Galloway could see this challenge and knew it needed a system in place to deliver test results quickly and securely. In this webinar, Graham Gault from NHS Dumfries and Galloway, shines the spotlight on their story. Sharing first-hand experiences of how the delivery of Patient Hub Result is supporting both patients and their teams.