Achieve your waiting list targets with Patient Hub

Learn how to validate your waiting lists, cost-effectively and rapidly with our Waiting List solution.

Validate, manage and report in real-time on your waiting list with Patient Hub

In this webinar, we discussed how waiting list validation is important in managing outpatient capacity. By automating the validation and management of your waiting lists speciality by specialty every 12 weeks, you can provide clean and up-to-date waiting lists, ensuring timely and orderly access to care is provided.

Watch how our Waiting List solution, can:

  • Validate whether patients still need an appointment quickly and easily
  • Manage each department’s referral according to their capacity
  • Stop the clock on RTTs as you respond to patient requests to delay their appointment
  • Report in real-time to help you to improve clinic utilisation
  • Reduce your waiting list by releasing referrals that are no longer required


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See Waiting List validation in action.

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