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Smooth call handling for BBC Studios

Ensuring that all ACDs enable smooth, professional call handling and that calls from clients and external contacts are processed to the right department with minimum effort.


Project highlights

  • Add new teams quickly on a central platform
  • Enables smooth and professional call handling

Smooth call handling with minimal effort

BBC Studios is the commercial arm and a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). As a major supporter and investor in the UK’s creative sector, they sell programmes and formats produced by 200+ UK independent producers.

To deliver these projects, they need to be able to quickly add and configure new contact queues, using a centralised ACD (Automated call distributor) platform to meet their clients’ needs. It is essential that they can operate within tight timescales (for events, magazine subscriptions and general enquiries).

They must be able to configure the ACD platform to ensure each new business area delivers the same experience and adheres to existing business processes. The goal is that all ACDs enable smooth, professional call handling and that calls from clients and external contacts are processed to the right department with minimum effort.

Why upgrade the ACD?

An earlier version of Netcall’s intuitive Automated Call Distributor, was already in use. It was easy to configure, but it was time consuming and cumbersome to amend call flows.

It was time to upgrade to the latest version of the software, Liberty Converse, our omnichannel contact centre solution. Once installed, Netcall provided some additional training to support staff to efficiently handle all new business opportunity calls.

The new queue or skill group can be deployed very quickly – virtually in real-time, once the workflow elements have been captured and the flow defined.

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Whatever the requirement, the ACD can deliver

Here’s an example. The Infrastructure Communication Team need to configure multiple ACDs frequently to handle ticket booking lines, events and general enquiries. The first example they worked on with Converse was for their interactive learning venue in Cardiff, which is based on a prime time science fiction series.

The Infrastructure Communication Team can now configure all clients’ requirements quickly and intuitively. These positive results have seen a shift in approach for the Team, who now feel that whatever the client requires, they can deliver.

It is a trusted application that we use within our business. Just knowing that we can deliver great results to the clients’ specifications within the team is a great advantage.

Learn about Liberty Converse.

Customer care is at an inflection point: demands are higher and resources are limited. According to a McKinsey survey, organisations’ existing capacities are being challenged by higher call volumes and more complex and challenging enquiries. Employers are also struggling to retain customer care agents, who are being poached by competitors or feeling dissatisfied in their work. 

Technology’s role in our lives continues to grow. Smart cities, for example, are on the rise — where places leverage and integrate technologies, data, communications and collaboration to facilitate a range of objectives. These goals include: making citizens lives better, generating revenue and promoting sustainability.

Where wholesale digital transformation is the ‘moon shot,’ baby steps might well be the way to go for those struggling to progress, or even start, their digital journey.