Elective Care Management at Scale

Tackle patient backlogs and support your frontline

Use automation to manage patient waiting lists and optimise capacity

As elective care backlogs place even more pressure on waiting lists, you need a holistic view of your appointments to match availability with demand. And automation can help. By using low-code, machine learning and APIs, you can track referrals, appointments, stay connected with patients and get waiting list input in real-time.

Jonathan Rapley, Business Consultant, explains how you can improve clinic uptake at ICS-wide level, while connecting multiple providers, councils and community services for a truly inclusive service. See how it’s done below.


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In June, we saw the launch of the Government’s plan for digital health and social care. It sets out an ambitious vision to transform how care is provided. Leveraging the power of technology as an enabler to drive innovation and efficiencies – means a more positive patient experience.