From 400 template letters to 4 templates

Lesson’s from 2020’s NHS transformation projects

From 400 template letters to 4 templates. Learn how using letter templates from within Patient Hub has changed Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust’s appointment letter handling forever.

Managing paper letters for appointments has always presented booking centre managers with a bit of a headache. Controlling the number and consistency is a challenge. Often managers use big spreadsheets to maintain control. Now making rapid updates or adding new information is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Hear from Daniel Gibb, Business Change Lead, as he describes how they went from over 400 manually run letters to just 4 automated templates. These use conditional formatting and include Clinic Code specific information. These can all be tested, updated or audited at the touch of a button. Daniel also offers his 3 top tips for those thinking about a similar project.


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