The Insurance Network webinar

Harnessing the power of data in the London Market

Recorded: Wednesday 30th September 2020

Leveraging APIs, data integration and digital technology to build operational efficiency.

Data is the foundation upon which the London insurance market is built and the key to its future success. But that data is currently in a mess and the legacy technology architecture is often not capable of delivering the insights that are needed to transform customer experience and deliver efficiencies across the value chain.

However, leading organisations have recognised the critical importance of data for competing in a digital world and market initiatives, such as the FAL, are now driving real change. The key is to turn data into actionable insights that improve decision making, organisational performance and customer outcomes.

We were delighted to join The Insurance Network for a discussion on all this and more. We covered how to overcome the challenges of creating ‘data first’ organisations & processes and explore the role of APIs and successful approaches to data integration. Plus, the challenge of building an agile technology architecture to enable your data strategy.

Watch the webinar, Harnessing the Power of Data in the London Market, where we discussed:

  • Dealing with multiple Lloyd’s and Company platforms which operate “independently and also together”
  • Tackling multiple legacy systems, with data spread across many applications
  • Developing smart data and API’s to allow efficient and effective transfer of data between parties
  • Overcome the practical challenges to deliver an agile future operating model.