Insurance & Claims – App in a week

Recorded: 2nd June 2021

See what we built with The Camelot Network in
just one week…

We focused on the upcoming changes to whiplash claims and built a case management process that insurers can overlay on top of their existing systems. It means insurers can quickly adapt to regulatory changes and join up existing systems.

We used the power of low-code to build the app in just 4 days.

Low-code enables you to create exactly what you need for a fraction of the time and cost it normally takes. Plus, you can make it 100% tailored to your own requirements, fast!


Take a look at the result…

We presented the app back to the group. You can watch it below and hear the feedback.


Want to use low-code in your organisation? Take a look at just some of the apps already available in our AppShare.

What we built…

The Whiplash Claims Management App provides insurers with an easy way to triage and manage incoming claims, streamlining the process to comply with new regulation changes.

  • Process map defined
  • Integration with third party tools (such as what3words and weather apps to augment data and collect metadata from scene photos)
  • Inbound email handling
  • Extraction of email attachments for easy viewing
  • Automated tasking on key stages with reminders to ensure SLAs are maintained
  • Easy document viewing with document and image previews
IT professionals working with liberty create
Using their low-code solution they yet again rose to the challenge, 4.5 days for one person to deliver, including unexpected add-ons. Working with Netcall, was such a breeze and as someone who loves to keep things simple, this was something I really appreciated.

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