Liberty AI – Feature Sheet

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gain rich insights from your data, predict outcomes and improve business decision making

In many organisations, vast quantities of data are collected through legacy and siloed systems. Traditional ways to extract and analyse this data involves expensive data science teams which can be slow, cumbersome and expensive. There’s a wealth of intelligence in your data that isn’t being acted on. Using artificial intelligence allows you to easily analyse and act on data insights.

Solve complex data challenges

Liberty AI brings the power of machine learning (ML) to your data. It helps you make complex decisions simple. You quickly adopt artificial intelligence and reap the benefits. Liberty AI makes it easy to analyse data and act on rich customer insights.

Use both pre-trained ML models or train custom models to use your own historical data, Liberty AI enables better real-time decision making to deliver
enriched and personalised customer experiences. All while reducing costs.

The results?

  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Generate value out of data
  • Act on this data to improve and automate decision making
  • Deliver improved customer experience (CX)

Benefits at a glance

  • Gain insights from the vast quantities of data your systems are generating
  • Put the power of artificial intelligence into the hands of people across the enterprise
  • Reduce reliance on expensive data science teams
  • Reduce operational costs and make better use of precious resources
  • Increase capacity
  • Ethical artificial intelligence, using your data locally makes usage unbiased
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Liberty AI enables us to generate value out of data, which is an often untapped large potential in most organisations.

Key features

  • Easy-to-use and train ML models
  • Pre-trained ML models or custom models trained with your data
  • Choice of training modes that balance speed, accuracy and precision
  • Reporting of model accuracy and the features influencing the outcome

  • Generate artificial intelligence predictions and feed them directly into Liberty Create and Liberty RPA (through new rules and activities)
  • Automate the next steps of the process in your Create and RPA applications and process flows
  • Publish results through an API
  • Artificial intelligence is built into the Liberty Controller, no third-party licensing required
By 2023, the majority of organizations using AI for digital commerce will achieve at least a 25% improvement in customer satisfaction, revenue or cost reduction.

Pre-trained and Custom ML models

Liberty AI has both pre-trained machine learning models and you can also build and train your own models to predict future outcomes.

Pre-trained models

Liberty AI makes available pre-trained ML models that enable:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Entity extraction
  • Key-phase extraction

And more coming in the future!

Custom ML models

Libery AI allows you to build and train your own ML models to predict future outcomes and act on them. All directly from within your own applications and process flows built with Liberty Create and Liberty RPA.

Once you’ve decided to on the problem to solve, building your own model to solve it in a six simple step process:

1 - Select the data to train your model
Select the data to train your model
2 - Determine where to publish the results
Determine where to publish the results
3 - Choose your prediction fields
Chose your prediction fields
4 - Choose your training mode
Chose your training mode
5 - Train your model
Train your model
6 - Review and use your results
Review and use your results
Liberty AI in action
Use Liberty AI wherever additional insights into your data are required to deliver better outcomes. Generate value out of your data. The use cases are endless.

Whether it’s predicting the likelihood of a customer or patient missing an appointment, to identify those struggling to pay council tax or that might fall into rent arrears so you can offer support earlier.

Use artificial intelligence to predict the impact of promotions and pricing or demand into the contact centre.

Or you could use artificial intelligence to reduce customer or employee churn and predict those people that are likely to leave.
Part of the Liberty Platform
Liberty AI is an integral part of the Liberty Platform alongside Liberty Create, our low-code development platform, Liberty RPA, our robotic process automation solution, Liberty Converse, our complete contact centre, and Liberty Connect, our omnichannel messaging solution.

Focused on delivering transformative customer experiences, Liberty now includes automation from front-to-back office to bring intelligence to our RPA and low-code tools.

The Liberty Platform delivers class-leading CX for a wide range of industries including financial services, insurance, utilities, healthcare and local government.
See how people deliver better outcomes with Liberty AI
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