Liberty Create

Feature Sheet – Liberty Create for IT Professionals

Equipping your development team to build faster and better

Reframing the pace of change

Liberty Create is an enterprise-grade low-code software development platform that increases the productivity of your development team and helps complete development projects faster. How? By concentrating on:

  • Simplifying development complexity
  • Lowering the cost
  • Accelerating development time
  • And providing extensive, built-in security and governance controls

As a platform, you can use Create across your organisation to build a broad range of innovative web and mobile apps that deliver a great customer experience.

Create addresses the development challenges your team faces, freeing them to focus on the processes they’re automating and the functionality they want to deliver.

Security, governance and compliance

The platform provides all of the security, management and governance controls you need. You control what applications are used by whom, what functionality they can access based on their roles and privileges and what gets deployed where.

Equipping your development team to build faster and better

Create makes application development easier so your pool of developers can
widen to include experts in the business. Collaboration between IT and business is
fostered and the development burden is shared to build applications faster.

Read the full Liberty Create for IT Professionals feature sheet

Read Liberty create for IT professionals

Integration with existing systems

  • Build upon the investments you’ve already made
  • Simplifies integration between existing and new systems
  • Close functional gaps and reduce silos
  • Uses standard API interfaces such as REST/SOAP to consume and publish data to external systems

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