The Patient Engagement Paradox:
Increase engagement vs. keep control

Recorded: 6th April 2022

How to manage an increasing number of patient interactions, while optimising clinical and admin resources

Our research with 80 senior NHS executives across the UK shows that the pace of innovation and change in patient engagement continues to be relentless. It also reveals stark drivers and barriers in the battle ground of digitising in order to better utilise staff and reduce waiting lists:

  • 81% of trusts said pre-and post-clinical communications engagement are an even bigger driver for change than the impact that COVID had (74%)
  • 57% of trusts said that inbound telephony has increased in the last 12 months, along with increased use of outbound telephony (55%)
  • 75% of trusts would like to become omnichannel (21% believe they already are)
  • Paradoxically, only 8% would prefer patients to use self-service contact channels
  • 25% said the culture of the organisation was the leading negative influence impacting patient journey digital transformation projects in their trusts

In the Patient Engagement Paradox webinar, our speakers, Richard Farrell, Chief Innovation Officer, and Louise Young, Programme Director – Patient Hub, examine our health sector research findings, debating the best ways for you to meet patient demand for better, digitised services.


Customer Experience Research conducted by Hayhurst Consultancy for Netcall and The Davies Group in August-September 2021. 360 senior Customer Experience and Digital Transformation management at leading UK-based Financial Services businesses, NHS Trusts and in Local Government were surveyed.

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