Putting the Power of Transformation Back into the Hands of Local Gov

Recorded: Tuesday 28th June 2022

Read our Manifesto for Local Government

How we are putting the power of digital transformation back in the hands of local government

A Manifesto for Local Government

We believe passionately in public service and enabling local government to deliver great citizen-centric digital services. We think there is a better alternative to the legacy stranglehold that continues within local government.

And since every local authority has a huge number of legacy applications supporting citizen services, it’s often a complex, lengthy and costly task to untangle this ‘legacy spaghetti’.

We think that’s just wrong. We want to do what we can to help councils to free themselves from vendors who work like that, and the legacy applications that they provide.

In this webinar, we tackle eight core issues that local government are currently facing and show you how we are making it our mission to solve them.

We will put the power of digital transformation back into the hands of local authorities and enable their digital autonomy.

Watch the webinar below to hear about digital transformation in local government.