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Surveys: Pre and post appointment Feature Sheet

Capture patient attendance information digitally.

Pre or post-appointment, capture patient attendance information digitally. Save clinical time and deliver a great patient experience with the surveys feature in Patient Hub.

High waiting list numbers put every department under pressure. Overdue tests or X-rays mean patients can’t attend a scheduled appointment, and often you only know this as they walk through the door. Last minute updates are really disruptive and prevent other patients from using available slots.

When a patient is asked to return home unexpectedly without treatment due to a missing requirement, it causes stress. The hospital also has the added administration of arranging the next suitable date.

Patient safety means clinicians need to complete long paper forms. It’s not easy with anxious patients and non-stop time pressure. During busy moments, it’s hard to notice patterns or to ask further questions. And rekeying the data into the PAS is a waste of skilled colleague time, delaying other tasks.

The Surveys feature within Patient Hub captures patient attendance and other information digitally.

Read or download the full Surveys Feature Sheet here.

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Key features

  • Real-time visibility of all patient surveys
  • Flexibility by department or procedure
  • Eliminate print costs
  • Save time rekeying data
  • Check patient status prior to arrival
  • Maximise appointments