Customer Interview

The CX that Dreams are made of

Removing the treacle from customer experience

Mike Logue talks to us about “removing the treacle” from Dreams’ CX

Mike Logue has been Chief Executive Officer at Dreams since 2013. His 30 years of retail leadership, working with brands including Marks & Spencer, Asda/Walmart, Mothercare, Gamestation and Phones 4U, have enabled him to mastermind a dramatic transformation and growth strategy at Dreams, taking the bed retailer to their market leading position in sales, service, quality and profitability.

Mike is passionate about developing great places to work that provide exceptional customer experience (CX). He spoke to us recently about moving to digital, keeping the business nimble and staff engagement. And how these factors impact the exceptional CX that Dreams is renowned for.

And, of course, we also asked about the importance of good tech infrastructure in achieving their CX ambitions. Dreams deployed the Liberty Platform, and use Liberty Converse, Connect and Create to drive their strong brand position.

How has Dreams used tech to drive CX?

Find out more from Dreams’ Head of Customer Services about how they have deployed the Liberty Platform to drive customer experience.

Everyone that comes to Dreams has touched some of our tech before they come into one of our shops, there’s no doubt about it. There can be challenges for customers through that journey, and I think that better infrastructure, seamless infrastructure, less treacle for the customer, is a fundamental going forward.

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