UK Authority: Owning digital transformation in-house

Recorded: Friday 15th July 2022

Taking control of the digital transformation journey: Tewkesbury Borough Council

Many local authorities are stuck with inefficient, inflexible legacy technologies that hold them back from progressing their digital transformation aspirations.

Lack of technical expertise drives reliance on expensive consultants and developers instead of building councils’ own skills and expertise. Against a backdrop of staff and budget reductions, it has never been more important for local government to have control of their own digital destiny.

In this short video Clare Evans, Corporate Services Manager at Tewkesbury Borough Council explains the benefits for councils taking control of their digital transformation and how low-code has helped with this process.

Watch the video below.

Low-code & contact centre solutions for local government

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We believe passionately in public service. And enabling local government to deliver great citizen-centric digital services. We think there is a better alternative to the legacy stranglehold that continues within local government.

We spoke to Dave Briggs from Sensible Tech and asked him frequent questions we get from our local government customers about low-code. Take a look at his answers below and you can even watch some short clips from the interview.