On-demand webinar

Unlocking the power of data

Recorded: 17 November 2020

This webinar is focused on data, operational efficiency and digitisation

On-demand ACORD partner webinar: Unlocking the Power of Data.

In this webinar, we look at the impact that accessing your data has on customer experience. How can it be turned into actionable information to make better decisions and improve operational efficiency? We explore how to create a digital-first environment, where data can be easily accessed, exchanged, manipulated, and augmented. And also we look at how it builds a better understanding of risk, better MI and a single view of the customer.

All of this adds up to a frictionless experience for the customer, a shorter policy and claims lifecycle, fewer manual processes and a reduction in errors.

The expert panel consists of:

  • Jonathan Prinn – Managing Director – BGC Partners
  • James Birch – Head of Innovation & Development Director – Ki Insurance
  • Alex Wilson – Innovation Manager & Development Lead – Ki Insurance
  • Richard Farrell – Chief Innovation Officer – Netcall
  • Mark Bennett – Vice President of Business Development – ACORD

Watch this webinar to unlock the power of data in your organisation.