I would like to solve my IT challenges, faster

Another approach to your IT challenges

We speak to IT leaders every day and similar challenges come up. From dealing with legacy systems to the digital skills shortage and coping with the ever-growing IT queue, we can help.

Innovating while keeping the lights on

IT is always under pressure to do more. That’s a problem for everyone – queues in IT mean slow progress for the business and for innovation. We can help you share some of the development burden, without compromising on standards or security.

Say someone wants to build a mortgage application app. They drag-and-drop the components they need, get IT to test it and then (once it’s approved) upload it to your site. It’s as simple as that.

  • Create apps x10 faster
  • Give business users the tools they need to build products themselves
  • IT can test and approve
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Many businesses can’t get by without big, powerful enterprise solutions

But often these systems become data prisons. This ageing, legacy tech wasn’t designed to talk to other systems in your IT stack. It’s a recipe for disconnected processes and data silos, not to mention poor user and customer experience.

Liberty Create, our low-code solution, helps to shatter these silos so that every app you build is fuelled with up-to-date customer information.

  • Shatter your data silos
  • Use pre-built integrations with common business applications
  • Access SOAP and REST APIs to connect with niche tools
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Mind the gap (the digital skills gap)

Up and down the country businesses are suffering from the digital skills shortage. And they find it difficult to recruit the amount of skilled developers needed for digital transformation.

More than three-quarters of executives are experiencing challenges in digital recruitment (Ignite Digital, 2019). So if you have a lack of developer talent to call on, be assured that you’re not alone.

  • Grow your own developers with low-code
  • Share your development burden with business users
  • Without compromising on IT standards or security
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The right people with the wrong tech

People who work in customer-facing roles know exactly what it takes to make great CX a reality. But CX depends heavily on processes and technology. And that means it depends heavily on the people behind the scenes – IT people.

In most organisations, there’s a huge gap between these two parties. And IT aren’t the bad guys here. In most cases, they want to help but are already struggling with a monumental workload (that’s growing by the second).

  • Empower the people who know your customers to fix problems
  • Allow IT and the business to collaborate on CX issues
  • Reduce the monumental IT queue
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