Intelligent automation for improving supplier credit checks

Streamline new supplier credit checks to improve processing speed.

Liberty RPA & Liberty Create

Streamline supplier credit checks

In a finance department, performing supplier credit checks on new customers is a time-consuming, but necessary process. It often involves cross-checking data in multiple systems. And this process is repeated for each new supplier. So how can you automate and improve supplier credit checks?

Intelligent automation speeds up repetitive manual tasks. Replace clunky, disjointed processes with a seamless, integrated flow.

Combining people and technology

Some elements of the process may be best suited to a person, while other elements suit the high speed, high accuracy that RPA provides to automate credit checks . This is where attended RPA comes in. It allows a human to stay in control, while still benefiting from the time saving assistance of a bot. The user clicks an on-screen link to hand off some (or all) of a process to a software bot, which will perform the required process and report back once it’s been completed. Should there be any exceptions that need to be looked at, the robot can flag these up for the human to check.

People and technology working together means that the process can be streamlined and sped up. Control and visibility is retained. This frees up the people to get other valuable work completed.

For business and IT users

Liberty RPA is designed for both business and IT people to be able to use. It automates interactions with existing systems on a screen. It replicates the actions that a person takes when they are operating various different systems, and does those things automatically. With simple drag-and-drop techniques it’s easy enough for anyone to create and improve supplier credit checks or build countless other automations to help you become more efficent.

The benefits

  • Combine the power of people and technology to get speed and efficiency, and with the control you need
  • Automate the repetitive tasks to help your team work smarter, not harder
  • Remove time-consuming manual admin for your teams, freeing them up to focus on more valuable work

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