Intelligent automation for automated refund processing

Simplify your refund process with intelligent automation to provide a fast and efficient customer experience.

Liberty RPA & Liberty Create

Taking on repetitive processing

Sending out refunds or returns involves dealing with many different customer banking systems and accounts. RPA can simplify the process, picking up all the details and processing each refund, leaving finance staff to focus on more pressing tasks. When different account types require small changes to the process, the software robot can be trained to identify and adjust to each of these differences to provide intelligent automated refund processing.

Intelligent automation takes on the repetitive tasks such as processing a refund or return. It integrates with your legacy systems, so that the data flow is seamless and secure. And there are no mistakes.

Full speed ahead

It’s time to thrive in the ‘next normal’. Delivering a great customer experience (CX) relies on speed and efficiency. Don’t let complex processes and legacy tech hold you back from making the improvements you need. Customers don’t want to wait. Automating repetitive processes to avoid failure and drive better user and customer experiences is key.

Enable collaboration between the business and IT

Liberty RPA is designed for both business and IT people to be able to use. It automates interactions with existing systems on a screen. With simple drag-and-drop techniques it’s easy enough for anyone to create their own automated refund process or indefinite further automations that will benefit the entire business. For IT, the full power of RPA can be unleashed through our Code Studio. It offers a set of standard activities for robust control of web browsers and standard applications including Microsoft Office, SAP and many others.

The benefits

  • Improve the customer experience by streamlining the entire refund process
  • Accelerate data flow by closing the disconnects in your legacy systems
  • Leverage technology to free up valuable staff to work on more important tasks
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