SOCITM: President’s Conference 2024

Event | Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th June 2024

Annual Leave

12th & 13th of June 2024

09:15am – 16:00pm (Day 1)

09:30am – 15:30pm (Day 2)

Join us and SOCITM at this year’s President’s Conference 2024

Welcome to President’s Conference 2024: Where innovation meets community!


Day 1 – Turning insights into impact
Day 2 – Service delivery in tomorrow’s world

Join us as we partner with SOCITM to gather the brightest minds and passionate souls from across the public sector in a safe and inspiring environment. It’s a gathering where innovation sparks, ideas flourish and connections ignite.

Get ready to embark on two days of re-imagining public services as we dive headfirst into the heart of communities. This year, the theme “People Make Places” sets the stage for a transformative experience like no other.

There’s a packed agenda that delves into the minds of chief executives as they reveal the challenges and aspirations that keep them awake at night. Hear the essence of social value in Oxfordshire. Explore ground breaking initiatives shaping communities.

Collaboration is key

So we’re delighted to welcome the Department for Levelling Up Housing and Communities, who will be setting the stage for a future of progress and inclusivity.

And let’s not forget a key highlight of the conference – a dazzling Awards Dinner, where the trailblazers and visionaries of local government are celebrated.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience

Join us in Birmingham and be part of a movement that’s shaping the future of public services, one community at a time.

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Useful information

Socitm helping drive modern public services

Sharing a vision of modern service delivery across the public sector, Netcall is delighted to be a 2023 executive sponsor of the Society for Innovation, Technology and Modernisation (Socitm).

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